True or False - Is It Bird Mite Season? (Infographic)

Most people know little about bird mites until they have an infestation on their hands. See how much you know by testing your knowledge on these pesky critters! .

August, 19 2015

Tips to Win the War Against Iowa's Mosquitoes (Infographic)

Do you walk outside and immediately get attacked by mosquitoes? Discover how you can safeguard against these annoying pests and get back to enjoying the rest of your summer with a few helpful tips and tricks. .

July, 28 2015

Cicada Killer Wasps: The Gentle Giants (Infographic)

Does the buzzing sound of summer pests typically send you running? Discover why there's one particular wasp that is no more than a gentle giant to humans..

July, 8 2015

It's Swarm Season! Learn The Differences Between Ants & Termites

As we begin to approach summer, many homeowners may start to witness an alarming display of nature - termite swarms. Many homeowners mistake termite swarms for flying ants, therefore failing to take the necessary action to eliminate the infestation and colony. Learn about the main differences between these pests and the proper actions to take..

May, 26 2015

The Monarch Massacre: 8 Ways We Can Help (Infographic)

When was the last time you spotted a monarch butterfly? Through the years scientists have started noticing a horrible trend for these amazing creatures that is nothing short of a massacre to the monarch populations. Learn about 8 ways we can help reverse their deteriorating populations..

May, 11 2015