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Free Insect Identification: What Kind of Bug Is In Your Home or Business?

October 11, 2021

Have you ever been relaxing in your home, around the office or in your backyard and suddenly you notice a strange insect? You don’t need to panic! If you can get close enough to capture it or take a photo, you can find out exactly what kind of bug it is with the help of Preferred Pest Control. We carefully inspect specimens that are brought into our office so you know what insect you’re dealing with.

What Bug is This? Ask Our Professional Bug Identifier

Preferred Pest is one of the few Des Moines pest control companies led by a trained and certified Entomologist. Our founder, Brad Smith, studied insects and bug identification at Iowa State University, and now he uses those skills to run his business. All employees are trained on the latest extermination and pest prevention techniques. When we see something new in the field, Brad is always excited and prepared to discover what kind of bug it is and train his team on how to treat and prevent infestations.

cocoon stage of a beetleOftentimes, we have people bring in a plastic bag or sealed container with a live or dead insect, inquiring about what kind of bug it is. If you’re unable to bring the specimen you found into our office, you can send us pictures of bugs to Preferred Pest Control’s Facebook page. We ask that the pictures are clear and have an identifiable object, like a pen or paperclip, next to the insect for a size reference. Additionally, it is helpful when we receive close up photos with as much detail as possible to help our bug identifiers distinguish the correct species. For example, different spider species can be determined by the number of eyes and the placement on their face, so having a distinct picture will allow us to give you the most accurate feedback.

Whether you are a current customer of Preferred Pest or not, we’re happy to provide our free insect identification services. Simply fill out our Pest Specimen Collection Form with as many details as possible, such as , where you found the insect, time of day, etc. We promise to solve any insect identification request and send feedback within one business day. The other major site that offers this in the Des Moines area is the Iowa State University Entomology Extension Service in Ames, Iowa.

Insect Identification Process

entomologist looking through microscope to study bugs.

If you bring your mystery insect into Preferred Pest Control’s office, our entomologist insect identifier will take a closer look at the pest under a stereomicroscope. This allows Brad to see incredible details that will lead to the most accurate results.

Our bug experts refer to the dichotomous key to aid in the correct bug identification. This bug guide is a chart entomologists use to identify insects, and it consists of a series of specific questions to determine what kind of bug they’re studying. When one question is answered, the bug guide directs the insect identifier to the next question. This continues until the exact species is determined.

Des Moines Pest Control & Bug Identification Experts

Preferred Pest Control is run by a certified entomologist who performs helpful bug identification services for free, and has a staff of well-trained pest control technicians. If you’re having issues getting rid of pests, or find something that may or may not be a problem, we have the solution you’re looking for.

For year-round protection against miscellaneous bugs, sign up for our quarterly pest service plan. With this service package, our professional exterminators will stop by your home a few times each year to perform preventive pest control services and take care of any pest problems that may occur. Give us a call at (515) 415-5550 to discuss your options or schedule an appointment online!


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