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10 Pest Control Tips & Tricks to Keep Pests Away This Winter

December 13, 2018

'Tis the season for winter pests! As the weather continues to get colder, some of our least favorite critters are trying to make their way into our homes or businesses throughout Iowa. Have no fear - you can keep rodents away from your home along with other winter pests by taking preventative action Stay pest free this season with these helpful pest control tips and tricks.

How to Get Rid of Pests by Sealing Windows and Doors

how to keep winter pests out - seal windows

One of the easiest ways for pests to make their way into your home throughout the winter months is through windows or doors that have not been properly sealed. With most critters being able to fit through a dime-sized hole or smaller, you could have an infestation on your hands before you know it! Make sure this doesn't happen to you by sealing your windows and any necessary doors.

Store Food in Airtight Containers

how to keep winter pests out - food containers

Avoid winter pests wreaking havoc in your home or kitchen this season by storing your food in airtight containers. This will keep rodents like rats or mice from gnawing on your food items and even worse, contaminating them with the various diseases they could be carrying.

Mice Can Get Inside Through Cracks on the Exterior of Your Home

how to keep rodents out

Don't let Iowa rodents make their way into your home this season! As the weather gets colder, these particular pests make a run for it into your home, and what better way to enter than through the cracks on the exterior of your home? It is crucial to begin inspecting your home now and fill in those cracks as soon as possible to keep mice out of your house.

Keep Pests Away by Leaving Firewood Outside

how to keep winter pests out - firewood

Nothing sounds better than a nice fire on a chilly night. But did you know that firewood can contain an abundance of pests eager to make their way into your home? You should always keep wood outside and about twenty feet away from your home to ensure these pests don't make their way in.

Inspect Any Packages You Receive For Damage

how to keep winter pests out - check packages

Throughout the holiday season and winter months, it is not uncommon for a pesky critter to make it's way into your boxes, packages or holiday decor storage. Keep mice out of your house by checking each of these items carefully when sending or receiving packages.

Keep Counters Free of Crumbs or Food That Pests Will Take

how to keep winter pests out - clean counters

Do you wipe down your counters regularly? If not, you should. Many pests such as mice and cockroaches enter your home seeking a safe and warm environment, and often times looking for a food source. By wiping down your kitchen counters and cleaning up any food crumbs around your home, you can keep these nuisance pests at bay.

Store Bins in Sealed Areas So Critters Can't Get Inside

how to keep winter pests out - trash and recycling

With the colder weather brings one particular nuisance - raccoons. These animals tend to be drawn to our recycling and trash bins. The easiest ways to keep pests away is to store these bins within an enclosed area, whether that be a shed or garage, or using an animal-proof lid.

Vacuum Your Home Often

how to keep winter pests out - vacuum

Did you know German Cockroaches are the most common species of cockroaches in the world? And to no surprise, this particular pest enjoys making a home in small areas with an abundance of food and moisture. You can find them near or within your home in places like the kitchen, bathroom or even in appliances. The best way to prevent these critters is by vacuuming often, removing trash regularly and inspecting areas in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Store Boxes Off the Floor And Out of Reach From Pests

how to keep winter pests out - box storage

When rodents such as mice and rats make their way into your home throughout the winter months, one of their favorite places to nest are dark, cluttered areas such as storage boxes. It is important to regularly inspect your home during these months and to watch out for gnaw marks and fecal droppings, which are key indicators that mice have begun nesting in your home.

Keep Your Shoes in Plastic Containers and Out of Reach

how to keep winter pests out - shoes

Have you ever put on a shoe in the winter and found out an eight- legged friend has made that particular shoe their home? Especially throughout Iowa winters, it is common for spiders such as the brown recluse spider to take shelter within our homes (and shoes). Brown recluse spiders like to make their webs in undisturbed areas such as attics, closets or crawl spaces. Prevent them from nesting within your favorite shoes by following our pest control tips and keeping personal items off the floor and in plastic containers.

Stay Pest Free With the Help of Preferred Pest Control

Don't let your home or business become a breeding ground for winter pests - Preferred Pest Control can help! If you have tried all of these tips and tricks and you're still wondering how to get rid of pests, our exterminators can take care of the problem safely and efficiently. Schedule an appointment online or call us at (515) 415-5550 to keep pests away!

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