8 FAQs About Boxelder Bugs

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Boxelder Bugs

September 24, 2014

Trying to figure out what those pesky black and red bugs are, and why they are invading your house? They could be boxelder bugs migrating inside for the fall season.

1. What is a Boxelder Bug?

A boxelder bug is black and red in color and oval shaped. They are found on boxelder and silver maple trees during the spring and summer. However, during the fall season, boxelder bugs migrate into houses and buildings.

2. What Do Boxelder Bugs Eat?

Boxelder bugs eat low vegetation and seeds that can be found on the ground.

3. Will Boxelder Bugs Hurt my Home?

Boxelder bugs will not bite you or anyone in your family. Sometimes you will find them around your house plants seeking moisture, but they will not hurt the plants. They are not harmful. The bugs are more of a nuisance than anything.

4. How Do Boxelder Bugs Enter My Home?

The bugs migrate indoors for the fall season through cracks and spaces in houses and garages. They can enter through damaged screens on windows and doors or under doors without thresholds.

5. Why Do Boxelder Bugs Appear in the Fall?

Boxelder bugs like warm, sunny weather. During the fall, the bugs will start moving toward windows and sunny areas within your house. Once it gets colder, they will start moving into cracks and crevices in your house.

6. How do I Prevent Boxelder Bugs from Entering my Home?

In order to prevent boxelder bugs from entering your house or garage, you can take some steps to seal up your home.

  • Start by repairing all window and door screens. 

  • Make sure all cracks and spaces are sealed. 

  • Use caulk or spray foam to seal up any gaps. 

  • Place thresholds or rubber seals under doors and garage doors. 

7. Why do I Have Boxelder Bugs but My Neighbor Doesn't?

Boxelder bugs are attracted to areas with large amounts of sunlight. They are drawn to houses with large amounts of sun exposure from the south and east. If your house has more sun exposure than your neighbors, you may have more boxelder bugs. The bugs are also attracted to buildings that stand taller than surrounding buildings or buildings that stand alone on flat ground.

8. Can an Exterminator Eliminate Boxelder Bugs From my Home?

Boxelder bugs can be very difficult to eliminate entirely due to their ability to fly over the chemical barrier that has been applied. The goal of any boxelder bug treatment is to reduce the population to acceptable levels. 

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