Effective Treatments for Mosquito Control in Des Moines

Midwest locals are used to avoiding mosquitoes throughout the summer—the warm weather speeds up the mosquito life cycle leading to more laying eggs and hatching. Summer in Iowa is the peak of mosquito activity; luckily, we can help! At Preferred Pest Control, our Des Moines exterminators have provided decades of safe and effective mosquito control services in our local communities. Don't let these biting insects keep you from enjoying outdoor activities this year. Our seasonal mosquito prevention services can help protect your property.

Mosquito Treatment for Yards

Enjoy your outdoor living space throughout the entire summer. Sign up for our seasonal yard treatment for mosquitoes! Our backyard mosquito solutions are most effective when applied three times throughout the spring and summer. If you are already a member of our seasonal Groundforce treatments, you can easily upgrade your package to include coverage from mosquitoes. We also offer the option to upgrade your package to include yard treatment for ticks - a great option for any homeowners fighting more than just one biting pest this summer. While our mosquito control services focus on the shaded, vegetated and wooded areas of your property, our tick solutions target the yard as these pests are often found hiding in ground-level areas with moisture and shade.

Although they are separate services, our tick and mosquito treatment solutions work great together as these pests share similar habitats. Treatment options vary by the size of your yard.


Our Mosquito Fogging & Treatment Process

Preferred Pest Control's mosquito lawn treatment solution is a multi-step process that consists of premium, long-lasting products:

  1. Inspection and Analysis of the Yard. The mosquito treatment plan begins with our pest technician inspecting the property and determining the types of insects creating the problem. Once the inspection is complete, the technician will prepare a mosquito prevention strategy that best fits your yard and environment.
  2. Identifying Ways to Help Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Sites. To effectively reduce mosquito populations, it is important to identify and eliminate mosquito breeding sites around your home. To minimize the potential for mosquitoes in and around your property, our pest management specialist will provide you with helpful backyard mosquito control tips and guidelines.
  3. Application of Insecticide. During the next step of the backyard mosquito control process, we use an encapsulated insecticide product that releases over time and will prevent mosquitoes from nesting in the future. This slow-release mosquito treatment is one of the best ways to repel mosquitoes from the yard over an extended period. Kids and/or pets will need to stay off of the lawn or treated areas for 24 hours after the treatment, but then it will be safe for use.
  4. Apply Mosquito Dunks. If necessary, the fourth step to eliminate mosquitoes will be our technician treating standing water such as ponds and drainage ditches. These spaces are treated with mosquito dunks to prevent mosquito larvae from maturing into adult mosquitoes. We use a disc that releases into the water. It neither contaminates the water nor kills fish living in it.
  5. Does mosquito spraying work?

    DIY mosquito sprays can effectively repel the pests from your yard but do not kill them. Sprays are a temporary solution to a recurring problem, and while toxic to mosquitoes, they can also be harmful to other pests, some of which are beneficial.

    At Preferred Pest Control, we almost always recommend professional help regarding pest control. Our experts use a mosquito fogging and treatment process that safely exterminates mosquitoes in treated areas and temporarily reduces the local mosquito population.

    Additional Tips for Mosquito & Tick Yard Control

    Mosquitoes and ticks thrive in similar habitats and, therefore, are preventable using many similar pest control methods. These insects seek shade, moisture and tall vegetation. Keeping the grass and foliage around the home tidy can prevent ticks in the backyard who are looking for a way to crawl onto their next host. To keep mosquitoes at bay, remove any accumulated standing water, such as bird baths, pool covers, empty flower pots, clogged gutters, and more - these are prime breeding locations for the buzzing and biting pests. While these tips can significantly lower your risk for an infestation, professional yard treatment for ticks and mosquitoes is always the safest and most effective solution. Preferred Pest Control is happy to help you fend off these pesky critters and enjoy summer fun on your lawn or patio.

    Get in Touch With Preferred Pest Control for Mosquito Control in Des Moines

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