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Commercial Pest Control For Multifamily Properties | What Property Management Needs To Know

July 21, 2020

We understand that keeping an apartment complex safe is a top priority for property management. Our technicians provide effective and custom commercial pest control services to make sure we take care of any existing problems and simultaneously prevent new pest infestations from occurring.

Commercial Pest Control for Apartments

One of the more difficult components of pest control for multifamily properties is that insects have ideal conditions to spread quickly. Due to the high number of tenants going in and out of multi-unit buildings, they experience high traffic patterns meaning pests have more opportunities to sneak inside unnoticed. Additionally, apartments utilize a small amount of space for housing, oftentimes multiple people will live in one unit and renters are likely to share driveways, garages and more common areas. Living in close quarters and using connected utilities allows pests to spread quickly from room to room, making it more important to take care of an infestation as early on as possible.

If a tenant notifies management of a pest issue, it's best to handle the situation right away before you have a serious infestation in the entire building. Our trained commercial pest control technicians will perform effective apartment pest control and pest prevention methods at the source of the infestation and units surrounding the problem.

What to Expect From Preferred Pest's Commercial Pest Control Exterminators

Our apartment pest control services include a thorough inspection of the property, quarterly pest control tactics like odorless insecticides that are environmentally friendly for kids and pets. Preferred Pest Control technicians are trained to search the property for any habits that could lead to pest infestations and need corrective action.

Our technicians that perform pest control for multifamily properties look for:

  • Cleanliness of apartment tenants. Preferred Pest logs a sanitation conditions report listing any details that need special attention from the current tenant. For example, overflowing trash and clutter gives pests a place to make a new home.
  • Potential entry points from the exterior of the building. We look for cracks, crevices, holes and any entrances that could allow unwanted nuisances into the apartment complex.
  • Bed bugs. These pests are extremely difficult to get rid of and are one of the most common apartment pest control issues property maintenance will run into. Our program offers a quarterly check using our trained and certified bed bug detection canines to find the problem before it gets out of hand.

How Often Should Pest Control be Done in an Apartment?

Pest control for apartments, townhomes and condos typically depends on the magnitude of the infestations, as well as the pest at hand. For standard pest prevention, quarterly pest control for multifamily properties are enough. For more serious cases or buildings more prone to sanitary issues, property management may have pest control performed bi-monthly or every month. Another option that’s growing in popularity for commercial property owners, is for apartment pest control technicians to spray and perform quarterly checks in the common areas of the apartment complex, then visit specific units upon request. Our experts at Preferred Pest Control can help determine the best plan for your multifamily property after an initial check.

Pest Control for Condos and Townhomes

Since these types of living situations are usually owned by individuals instead of a commercial real estate owner, the pest control services for condos and townhomes should be handled based on the owners’ needs. Our experts at Preferred Pest Control would still recommend quarterly pest prevention for any type of property to ensure you’re protected on a regular basis.

The Most Common Places to Find Pests When Performing Pest Control On Multifamily Properties

After decades of performing pest control for apartments and multifamily properties, we believe educating tenants on pest control best practices is one of the most effective pest prevention techniques property management can enforce. There are simple things renters can do, and specific places they can check to make sure they don't have an infestation. Our experts are available to present instructional meetings to tenants who are interested, but here are a few basic tips.

Insects Like to Hide in Dark Corners and Unused Items

Pests like to hide in places they think they will go undetected, such as the corners in your closet, around your apartment and in space that's usually hidden and protected by furniture or other miscellaneous items. Other common shelter alternatives insects seek out are shoes or unused clothing. A good apartment pest control practice is to keep seasonal items in bins or sealed containers to prevent bugs from claiming them as their new home.

Bugs Enjoy Damp Spaces With Leaky Plumbing

Insects thrive in damp areas where they have a water supply close by. Leaky faucets are the biggest offender for creating a wet environment for pests. Occasionally, take a look under your kitchen or bathroom sink to check for leaks that could attract unwanted pests.

Check for Unwanted Pests In Furniture

Used or pre-owned furniture is commonly seen in an apartment complex, but is your second-hand couch housing multiple insects? Our commercial pest control technicians recommend thoroughly inspecting all furniture before bringing it into your apartment, condo or townhome.

Pests Most Commonly Found In Multifamily Properties

Performing pest control in apartments and townhomes can post some difficult challenges for our experts. The large number and close proximity of units can make it hard to pinpoint the source of an infestation. Because units share connected utilities, an infestation can begin at one end of a multifamily property and quickly make its way through units to the other end. It’s vital to handle an infestation in your multifamily property as soon as possible. To do so, you need to know the common pests to look for in apartments and townhomes. They include:

Preferred Pest Delivers Effective Pest Control for Apartments

Do you want to protect your property from pests? Preferred Pest's commercial pest control technicians are efficient, reliable and courteous. We use the latest tactics to effectively perform pest control for apartments and townhomes and ensure your multifamily property stays clean and pest-free without ruining your hard-earned reputation. Call our team at (515) 415-5550 for a free inspection and competitive quote, or schedule an appointment online today!

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