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True or False - Is It Bird Mite Season? (Infographic)

August 19, 2015

Most people know little about bird mites until they have an infestation on their hands. Late spring and early summer are the busiest time of year for bird mites due to the copious amounts of bird nests. These little pests can cause quite a bit of destruction for many home and business owners. See how much you know by testing your knowledge on these pesky critters!

True or False - Bird Mites Can't Be Seen?

Is it bird mite season?

True! Bird mites are very difficult to see to the naked eye due to being translucent white but once they have had a blood meal they become reddish-brown in color. Adult bird mites have eight legs and are about 0.7 to 1 mm in length.

True or False - Bird Mites Can Develop Within 2 Days?

Is it bird mite season?

False! Bird mites will complete their full development within five to 12 days with an optimal temperature. With a short life cycle, these tiny, transparent pests can grow to tens of thousands within a bird nest during the rearing of young birds.

True or False - Bird Mites Can Infest Your Home?

Is it bird mite season?

True! Bird mites will begin their search for a new host if the population becomes too large within the bird nest or if the young birds vacate the nest. It is during this time that bird mites may enter your home. Some bird mites will be able to survive for several months within a home without a blood meal. However, most mites cannot survive for more than a few days in reduced humidity.

True or False - Bird Mites Are Common in Iowa?

Is it bird mite season?

True! Bird mites are common not only in Iowa but around the country. There are several species of bird mites such as the northern fowl mite, chicken mite, American bird mite, and others.

True or False - Bird Mites Bite People?

Is it bird mite season?

True! Bird mites tend to bite humans to test them out as a new host, however, the mite will move on since it cannot feed. It is very rare for humans to see the culprit of the bite mark due to bird mites' transparency. Those who receive a bird mite bite describe the bite location as a small 'pinprick' that is dark red and resembles a small pimple. They tend to itch and since many travel in groups, it may look like a rash, but it most likely will just be a group of small 'pinpricks.'

True or False - Bird Mites Do Not Bite Animals?

Is it bird mite season?

False. Just like they bite humans, bird mites also can bite other animals. However, bird mites are species-specific therefore they cannot complete their life cycle without bird hosts and most are 'test bites.' Bird mites are rarely disease spreaders, however, they can affect the health of humans and their pets.

True or False - It is Easy to Remove Bird Mites From Your Home?

Is it bird mite season?

False! Since bird mites are very small, transparent pests, they are extremely difficult to find. If you suspect that they have made their way into your home or business, it is important to eradicate the nesting and breeding site to prevent further infestation. Contact your local pest professional who will provide a customized approach to treating your home or business with the appropriate removal methods.

True or False - Are Bird Mites Infesting Your Home? 

Is it bird mite season?

Bird mite populations can spread rapidly once inside your home or business. The good news is - Preferred Pest Control can help! As Iowa's leading pest specialists for over 30 years, we can take care of the problem safely. Schedule an appointment today!