DIY Pest Control Or Professional Services: Which is better?

October 23, 2023

Many homeowners think removing a pest infestation or keeping pests out should be easy. Still, often it takes special knowledge and skills to get rid of insects and rodents safely and effectively. Like many services, there are reasons to call a professional rather than try something yourself. Our Des Moines pest experts cover the dispute between pest control DIY vs. professional tactics and what is more effective.

Whether or Not You Should Do Your Own Pest Control

We’ve found that many people try to take care of an insect or rodent infestation with in-home pest control before making an appointment for residential pest control services. If you’re not afraid to face the creepy crawlers in your home or want to save a little money, DIY pest control may be for you. However, the goal of any pest control treatment is effectiveness.

In-home pest control can work for smaller pests and infestations, but often DIY solutions aren’t strong enough to tackle larger, longer-lasting infestations. Additionally, professional tactics are ever-evolving to keep up with the adaptability of pests and include treatment in areas the average homeowner might miss. All are things to keep in mind when choosing which option is best for you.

Pest Control DIY vs. Professional Methods & Services

To help homeowners decide if DIY pest control or residential pest control services is right for them, our experts highlight some factors to consider before choosing the in-home pest control route:

  1. With in-home pest control, you might save money on service charges, but pesticides and traps are not cheap!
  2. Hiring an expert gives you the peace of mind of knowing the job will get done right the first time, and it saves you valuable time to find the best DIY pest control methods or products.
  3. Not all in-home pest control methods and products are equal, and pest control professionals can access more effective pesticides, traps, safety gear and other necessary products.
  4. Pest control professionals will know how to handle and apply any pest control product safely, so you don’t have to worry about putting yourself or your family at risk.
  5. Preferred Pest’s technicians have earned certifications representing a higher standard of training and expertise. Our professionals use more advanced pest control methods that are long-lasting.
  6. Having a local professional take care of your home pest control needs helps support a local business and economy!

Is pest control worth it?

There are several factors to consider when weighing the pros and cons of DIY vs. professional pest control. Oftentimes, the type of pest plays a large role in whether or not it’s worth it for homeowners to hire residential pest control services. Pests like bed bugs, termites or rodents are all extremely difficult to catch and permanently remove, so professional services will likely be necessary. People may also be more likely to call an exterminator for help with bees, wasps and other insects that sting or bite or are potentially dangerous so they can avoid danger. More common insects like ants and spiders are more likely able to be handled by homeowners with DIY pest control solutions until they get too far out of hand.

How much does an exterminator cost?

Pest control prices will vary depending on several factors. Still, the average cost of residential pest control services in Des Moines, Iowa, is between $80-$785 for initial treatment, according to Manta.

Top 5 Factors That Impact Pest Control Cost

Every pest infestation is different, and therefore, there is no fixed price for professional services. The location of the pest or pests, their size, quantity, and resiliency are all factors that can impact pest control costs. If the exterminator gets to your home and discovers a deeper, larger problem while working, you could spend more than the initial quote. Check out the primary factors that impact pest control costs:

Type of Pest

Pests are very diverse. Some show up more frequently than others and can be harder to track down and eradicate. For example, bed bugs require fast action as they can multiply at an astonishing rate and nest in hidden corners of your home. Getting rid of them requires strong expertise because every single bed bug must be found and eliminated to prevent future infestation.

Severity of Infestation

Bigger infestations that have had more time to form and evolve will cost more than smaller ones. Depending on the severity, some infestations can inflict more damage to a home. For example, termites feed on the wood and furniture in a home. A termite infestation caught early on will unveil much less damage, if any, compared to a larger, more deeply rooted infestation. Termites are one of many pests that can damage a home, so getting on top of any infestation ASAP is your best chance to avoid pest-inflicted damage.

Size of Your Home

Larger homes will naturally take more time to examine and treat—additionally, the larger the house, the more cracks, corners and crevices for pests to hide. If you're a homeowner, this could mean not detecting a problem until it's already a big infestation. Many pest control and prevention strategies involve surrounding the home's perimeter, so larger homes will require more treatment and therefore be more costly.

Size of Your Yard

Similarly to a home, a larger yard provides more hiding places for rodents and insects to go unnoticed and more ground for an exterminator to inspect and treat. If the pest you're dealing with is capable of damage, for example, voles dig holes and create tunnelways throughout lawns to get to and from their nest and food/water source, a larger yard will often lead to more damage due to its extra space.

Frequency of Visits

The more frequent your pest control visits, the less they will cost individually. Some pests are more resilient than others and require more than one treatment. If you live in an area where a certain pest problem is common, such as wooded or grassy areas, signing up for a pest control plan might be your best option. Our experts at Preferred Pest Control offer pest control service plans to eliminate a current problem and take preventative measures to prevent future infestations.

Average Cost of Residential Pest Control Services By Pest


 Pest Type  Average Price Range
 Ants  Between $100-$300
 Spiders  Between $100-$300
 Bees & Wasps  Between $100-$300
 Rodents  Between $100-$300
 Cockroachess  Between $100-$300
 Beetles  Between $100-$300
 Silverfish  Between $100-$300
 Termites  Starts at $750
 Bed Bugs  Starts at $1,000
 Voles  Starts at $350
 Mosquitoes & Ticks  Between $75-$150

Contact Preferred Pest For The Best In-Home Pest Control

Professional pest control is more effective than DIY solutions and can save you time and money from trial and error and potential damage to your property. It’s also your safest option when dealing with pests that can bite, sting or spread disease.

For fast, safe, effective and professional residential pest control services, call us today at (515) 415-5550; our experts are happy to assist you with your pest control needs!