best mosquito repellent for patio.

Best Mosquito Repellents for Patios and Outdoor Protection

May 16, 2023

Summertime is when people in the Midwest can finally enjoy the nice weather and spend some time outdoors. Iowa residents might enjoy a backyard BBQ, family picnics, outdoor games or just sipping a drink on the patio. We want homeowners to enjoy these summer activities in their yard without being scared off by mosquitoes! These pests can put a damper on outdoor events and activities, so make sure you’re using a backyard mosquito repellent or other mosquito prevention tips.

Most Effective Mosquito Repellents for Backyards & Patios

If you’re looking to fend off pesky critters like mosquitoes, there are plenty of options that claim to keep the mosquitoes away. We’ll go over each option and the results to expect if you give it a try.

Does Spraying for Mosquitoes Work?

Absolutely! We believe the most effective mosquito repellent for patios and backyards is spraying for mosquitoes. Most mosquito spraying products available to homeowners should be used once per week during peak mosquito season if you’re outside often, otherwise use as necessary. There are many mosquito repellents and spray products to try, we’ll go over a few of our favorite options.

Mosquito Foggers: Our pest professionals recommend the Cutter propane insect fogger to fight off the mosquitoes in your yard for large gatherings, such as parties, weddings and family get togethers. It is a pyrethrum fog with a repellent effect, but it does not leave a residual to keep mosquitoes away more than a few hours.

Since the fogger is lightweight and portable, it allows you to apply the pesticide and mosquito repellent into any area. Even hard-to-get-to areas like under decks or low-lying bushes and plants where mosquitoes like to rest are easily accessible for the Cutter propane fogger. Once the fog disperses after spraying for mosquitoes, it is safe to enter the treated area.

Mosquito Dunks: Mosquitoes lay their eggs and reproduce near small bodies of water like river banks, ponds or any place with standing water. For this reason, mosquito dunks are one of the most effective mosquito repellents. A mosquito dunk is a small tablet of pesticide that slowly dissolves in water, breaking the watery shells of mosquito larvae and preventing them from becoming adult mosquitoes. This helps reduce the population and effectively keeps the mosquitoes at bay. Mosquito dunks are an excellent backyard mosquito repellent if you have standing water such as ponds, undrained areas of your yard or any area where water has collected.

Professional Mosquito Spraying: Trusting the expertise of a pest control professional will ensure mosquitoes stay away all summer long. Our mosquito control technicians use a couple different mosquito spray products to provide long-lasting protection.

Demand CS is an excellent solution that remains effective for an extended period of time and can withstand harsh weather conditions. This type of spray for mosquitoes is a formulation of multiple sized microcaps of insecticide. When a mosquito comes into contact with Demand CS, the active ingredient is released from the microcap and the insecticide can be transferred to the mosquito’s body.

Archer Growth Regulator is another effective mosquito repellent and insecticide. This product interrupts the reproduction cycle of mosquitoes, causing adult females to lay non-viable eggs or prevent larvae from developing into adults. This helps limit the mosquito population for our clients since we’re targeting them right at the source and prohibiting them from repopulating.

Do Tiki torches keep mosquitoes away?

Yes, our professionals believe Tiki torches can be an effective and low-maintenance backyard mosquito repellent tactic for homeowners. Success is dependent upon how much space you’re covering. When it comes to larger patios and backyards, Tiki torches do have limited success. When trying to protect sizeable spaces, our team recommends having plenty around. To get the best results and keep mosquitoes away, we suggest lighting the Tiki torches in the designated area 15 minutes prior to use. This will give you fairly effective mosquito repellent coverage, and they will work as long as they are burning. The only case where the Tiki torch would not be a sufficient option is if it is windy outside.

Do insect repellent clips work?

Off! has a new product called an insect repellent clip. It contains a fan that releases and projects mosquito repellent. Our pest professionals want to set the record straight, we believe this is not a very effective device. In some cases it could probably provide limited coverage, but it is not a practical mosquito repellent for patios or large areas of the backyard.

Do insect repellent bracelets work?

Similar to clips, there are bracelets that claim to repel mosquitoes, but our pest control team would not consider mosquito repellent bracelets as beneficial. Not only would they cover a small area, but they are definitely not created to be a long-lasting solution.

Are there effective mosquito traps?

Some people take a different angle to their mosquito control situation - instead of repelling them, they purposely draw them in, only to be zapped or trapped. In our expert’s opinion, this is not a great long-term solution. Bug zappers draw insects into your yard, and unless you’re regularly emptying the trap, they will just cause more mosquitoes and nuisance insects. The idea of mosquito trap devices, like the Mosquito Magnet machine, is to mimic the CO2 humans produce which attracts mosquitoes. Once the mosquito trap has lured them in, the trap captures them in a net, which the homeowner has to empty. This can turn into a high-maintenance trap that does not reduce the overall population unless you stay diligent in emptying the mosquito trap.

Other Effective At-Home Mosquito Repellent & Prevention Tactics

The following tactics are not mosquito repellent solutions, but helpful backyard mosquito prevention techniques. By keeping your yard clean and free of standing water, your space will be less attractive for mosquitoes to populate.

  • Repair any leaks. Inspect your roof, outdoor air conditioning units or any faucets in your yard for leaks. If you have running or pooling water, this could attract many pests. Eliminate the possibility of standing water by fixing leaks or damage.
  • Be mindful of items that accumulate standing water. Throw away or store any items that can collect water, such as bird baths, empty planting pots or buckets. If they are items being used frequently, they should be stored upside-down to avoid water accumulation.
  • Clean gutters frequently. Debris can clog and obstruct water flow, causing gutters to fill up with standing water. If you notice this becoming an issue, carefully inspect your gutters and clear them of any blockage.
  • Keep up on swimming pool maintenance. Make sure you are keeping your pool chlorinated so pests can’t survive in the water. It’s also essential to regularly clean your swimming pool and the pool cover, which can collect standing water, to save your outdoor space from a mosquito infestation.
  • Trim bushes and grass. Mosquitoes love to hide under the leaves of low-lying plants and bushes, so when you clear out this type of debris, the pesky insects will have fewer places to conceal themselves.

Hire a Professional For the Best Backyard Mosquito Repellent

If you want to keep mosquitoes away all summer long, the best mosquito repellent for patios and outdoor spaces is provided by a professional. Preferred Pest Control sprays for mosquitoes and provides long-lasting protection so you can enjoy your backyard without having to worry about these nuisances and other pests. Call our office at (515) 415-5550 or schedule an appointment online for the most effective mosquito repellent solutions.

Bonus tip: If you’re a member of our quarterly pest service plan, ask your Preferred Pest technician about the option to upgrade your regular summer treatment with an effective mosquito spray!


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