The Difference Between Asian Beetles and Lady Bugs

How To Win Your Battle Against Asian Lady Beetles (Infographic)

October 31, 2014

Asian lady beetles are native to eastern Asia, but have been introduced deliberately by government and accidental through trading to North America. In Asia, the beetle is known as Harmonia axyridis. In North America, they are referred to as Asian lady beetles. For most homeowners, Asian lady beetles have become an annoyance. When you see them in your home, you might be torn. Is it better to squish the beetles, vacuum them, or is there something different you should try?

lady bug vs asian beetle

What is the difference between Asian lady beetles and ladybugs?

Upon first glance, Asian lady beetles look much like ladybugs. Asian lady beetles are multicolored with colors ranging from cream to yellow to orange to red across their bodies. They are also covered in dark spots and have an M/W on their head. Asian lady beetles move indoors and hibernate in the winter.

Ladybugs on the other hand, differ from Asian lady beetles in color and nature. Ladybugs are red with dark spots and do not hibernate in the winter, so you will not find them invading your house.

Why are Asian lady beetles in North America?

Asian lady beetles were released by federal, state, and private entomologists throughout the United States. The beetles were released as early as 1916 and then released again in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Previously, pesticides were used on agricultural crops, gardens, and forests to kill off aphids and mites. Asian lady beetles eat aphids and mites which damage agricultural crops, gardens, and forests. The Asian lady beetles were released in order to use fewer pesticides since the beetles eat aphids and mites. Although the beetles may be a nuisance to homeowners, they are beneficial to have around.

Why do Asian lady beetles smell bad?

The yellow, foul-smelling excretion Asian lady beetles release is a defense mechanism. It is a way to ward off predators. This defensive reaction is called "reflex bleeding."

Why are Asian lady beetles in my house?

During the months of September through November, Asian lady beetles will start moving indoors for hibernation. It is at this time that Asian lady beetles may become a nuisance to you. The beetles tend to be attracted to light colored buildings and houses. They will enter through cracks, crevices around doors, windows, pipes, siding, and roof lines. The beetles could appear in large numbers inside your house. Fortunately, Asian lady beetles do not reproduce indoors.

Will Asian lady beetles hurt me?

Asian lady beetles cannot sting or carry diseases. They may bite you, but they do not feed on people. A small number of people are allergic to the yellow excretion they release.

Will Asian lady beetles damage my house?

The beetles do not eat furniture or household plants. The only damage that Asian lady beetles could cause is staining, and maybe a little emotional damage. When they are squished, the yellowish excretion released by Asian lady beetles may stain surfaces such as furniture or walls.

How can I get rid of Asian lady beetles?

Getting rid of Asian lady beetles can be difficult. Asian lady beetles can squeeze through cracks as small as 1/8 inch. All openings must be sealed. If you do not get your house sealed up early enough, the Asian lady beetles could already be in your house preparing for hibernation. Asian lady beetles could be living inside walls, without moving into living areas. It won't be until spring that the beetles start moving into living areas in search for food.

Squishing the Asian lady beetles releases a foul odor. Getting rid of Asian lady beetles by squishing them will create an odor in your house and may cause staining from the yellow excretion, as mentioned above. Sweeping and vacuuming up the beetles is the best way to eliminate them without causing odor or staining. However, this can be tedious because there may be thousands of Asian lady beetles in your house.

Calling a professional pest removal service is the best way to eliminate these beetles for good. Preferred Pest Control offers pest solutions for all pests, including Asian lady beetles. Don't let that odor stink up your house any longer! Contact Preferred Pest Control today and get Asian lady beetles out of your house!