prevent spread of covid-19

Preferred Pest Control's Coronavirus Action Plan

March 23, 2020

As a local business within the Des Moines community, we are staying up-to-date with all the latest information and news related to the recent coronavirus outbreak. We care about the health and well-being of our employees, our loyal customers and the entire metro.

As this situation continues, Preferred Pest Control will remain open as long as we can to serve our local community with any pest control needs. Springtime is typically when we start to notice new insects or critters inside or around the home, and our team wants to be there to help homeowners fend off pests and feel safe in their homes. We will perform many of our regular routines, but have also put new safety precautions and sanitation best practices in place for our managers, technicians and sales teams.

Preventing The Spread of COVID-19 While Preventing Pests

All employees will wash hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds before entering the office area and will avoid touching their face to steer clear of contamination. Preferred Pest Control employees are asked not to show up to work if they feel any flu-like symptoms (especially if they have an elevated temperature), and will be dismissed if they start to develop any symptoms throughout the work day. Our office staff has started asking homeowners making an appointment if there have been any symptoms within the home, since our technicians are prohibited from entering areas with a known flu case.

As of Tuesday, March 17th, our staff will encourage all residential customers with seasonal appointments to consider only exterior treatments to minimize potential exposure to the virus. In this case, your Preferred Pest technician would:

  • Apply an exterior perimeter granule treatment.
  • Treat around all door thresholds with a residual insecticide.

These pest prevention steps will still be effective at keeping pests away before your next visit. However, if a customer requests an interior treatment, our team members will comply unless there have been any suspicions of flu symptoms with the residents. For seasonal or situational interior treatments, Preferred Pest Control staff are expected to wear disposable nitrile gloves while performing any pest services indoors.

For apartment buildings and other commercial pest control clients, our team members are treating common areas and the exterior of the property to prevent pests from entering the building. If requested, our staff will treat individual apartments or areas as long as there have been no cases of flu-like symptoms.

In addition to safety precautions taken on job sites, Preferred Pest Control team members will be provided with single-use alcohol wipes and are expected to follow these instructions each day:

  • Wipe down cell phones on all sides with alcohol wipes.
  • Clean steering wheel, flashlight, driver’s side door handles and used equipment with wipes.

Contact Preferred Pest Control for More Information

We understand this can be a scary time, but living with an infestation can be scary for homeowners too! No one plans for pests to invade their home, but when it happens, it’s best not to wait. Preferred Pest Control wants Des Moines area residents to know that our team is ready to help during this time. Call our office at (515) 276-7277 to talk to our staff about your pest control options, or schedule an appointment with us online.