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Catch of the Week

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Catch of the Week: Raccoon


This time of year raccoons like to find their way into homes and garages. Use our helpful tips to keep these pests away!

Catch of the Week: Rats


Our latest catch in Des Moines involved a colony of rats! We caught all 11 rodents to put this homeowner at ease.

Catch of the Week: Termites


Termites could be a problem in any home - make sure you don't have a termite infestation on your hands with these tips!

Catch of the Week: Bed Bugs


Learn more about bed bugs & how to prevent them from invading your home. These bugs were found inside a Des Moines home.

Catch of the Week: Western Conifer Seed Bug


The Western Conifer Seed Bug was recently spotted in Ames on the Iowa State campus and has been seen in Des Moines too.

Catch of the Week: Bats & Squirrels


Warm fall weather means outdoor pests are still active & trying to get inside Des Moines homes before hibernation.

Catch of the Week: Opossum


We've listed some interesting facts you probably don't know about opossums. Find out what makes them unique!

Catch of the Week: House Centipede


This week our pest technicians visited a Des Moines home with a centipede problem. Learn more about these creepy crawlers!

Catch of the Week: Groundhog


We recently ran into one of these critters in Des Moines! This groundhog was digging underneath a seasonal porch of a Johnston homeowner.

Catch of the Week: Cluster Flies


Our pest technicians were recently called to a Des Moines area residence with large amounts of cluster flies.

Showing 1 - 10 of 131