Preferred Pest Control Fall Mice

Here Come the Mice!

September 9, 2014

As fall approaches, mice begin to look for warm places to build their nests during the winter. Don't let your beautiful house become their home!

Since mice are nocturnal creatures, and they build their nests in dark corners that are out of the way and hard to see, many homeowners are unaware they even have mice until they have a major infestation. Keep reading for more information on house mice & how they enter homes, the dangers they pose, how to keep them out of your home and what to do if they have already made themselves at home!

What Do House Mice Look Like?

The general characteristics of house mice include:


  • two to four inches in length
  • light brown or gray in color
  • tail is hairless and one to two inches longer than the body
  • weighs less than an ounce
  • large ears
  • pointed nose, or snout
  • small head with round black eyes

How Do Mice Enter Homes?

Because of the shape and flexibility of their bodies, mice can enter homes through small cracks and holes in walls, floors, foundations, windows and ceilings. They are also able to enter through sewer lines, drainage pipes or gaps around plumbing and gas lines. Don't let their size fool you though, even though their bodies are usually 2-4 inches long they are able to fit through cracks and holes that are only a quarter-inch wide!

Interesting Facts About House Mice:


  • Mice can swim up to a ||special189|| mile
  • They can run 12 feet per second
  • They do not need water to survive; they extract water from their food
  • A house mouse can jump 12 inches
  • They can vertically climb smooth walls
  • Mice have short reproductive cycles meaning their populations grow very quickly

Dangers of Mice in Your Home:

Health Concerns

Many individuals are unaware of the dangers of mice. For children and adults who suffer from allergies, the droppings and hair from mice have been identified as allergy and asthma triggers. Mice also spread bacteria onto anything they nibble on or that their droppings come in contact with; this bacteria is known to cause many diseases in humans. The symptoms often mimic food poisoning.

Damage to your home and belongings

Beyond health concerns mice also chew through clothes, fabrics, wires, walls and anything they can get their little paws on. There are a few reasons they nibble on seemingly random items. First, their teeth are constantly growing, so they chew on wood, cables and other hard items to keep their teeth short. They have poor sight, so in order to discern if an object is a desirable food source they will take a bite first. Lastly, mice rip and bite off pieces of fabrics and softer materials to use when building their nest. As you can see, they can cause extensive damage to clothing, sheets, furniture cabinets, cords and everything in between!

How to Keep Them Out of Your Home:

Since mice repopulate quickly, homeowners are better off taking preventative measures against mice. What do these proactive measures entail?


  • Seal up any holes or gaps in the siding, foundation, floors and walls that a mouse could use to enter your home. Don't forget about the spaces around the plumbing, gas or cable lines, etc.
  • Keep all food in containers or the fridge. You don't want to attract mice with open sources of food.
  • Place your trash in a sturdy container with a lid that firmly attaches.
  • Regularly clean your counters, under the fridge, in your cabinets etc. The less clutter and desirable nesting sites, the less likely they are to make themselves at home.

Our Groundforce Pest Service Plan is designed to help seal up homes in order to prevent unwanted guests. It is not too late to for us to come in and make sure your home is ready to keep mice and other pests out as the temperatures begin to drop.

Are Mice in Your Home? Preferred Pest Control Can Help!

If you believe you already have a problem with mice, we can help! Don't hesitate to contact us today for more information about mice removal before they cause any more damage to your home!