Don't Share Your House with a Mouse

With a pointed snout, big, rounded ears and at around 6 inches in full length from head to tail, a house mouse may seem cuddly and cute at first. However, if in your home or workplace, it can chew through your computer cords, contaminate your food, leave droppings for you to clean up and even ruin furniture-not so cuddly and cute anymore!.

March, 24 2014

Why Our Bed Bug Radar is the Best

Bed bugs can sneak into luggage, latch onto clothing, hide in the cracks of a mattress or couch and enter the safety of your home to cause a nightmare for you and your family. Don't wait until it's too late. Learn why our bed bug radar can help you stop an infestation before it starts!.

February, 21 2014

Sweet Dreams and Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite...But What if They Do?

Bed bugs live in every state and can live in any city or town, big or small. Your home should be a place of comfort. If a bed bug infestation happens to you, here are some tips and information to help you free your home of bed bugs..

February, 17 2014

It is Not Too Late to Insulate with Preferred Pest

When we think of home insulation, we often associate it with winter and consider it a seasonal housekeeping task. We prepare our homes for severe winter weather, but what about the hot summer days? With spring just around the corner, make sure your home or workplace is ready to keep out the heat and keep in the cool..

February, 11 2014

Have You Been Bitten By the Travel (Bed) Bug?

Next time you travel, be sure to examine the place in which you will be staying to cut your chances of critter trouble while on the road..

January, 28 2014