Summertime Pest Solutions: Bats in Attics, Homes and Barns

Bats might be helpful for the ecosystem and your local farmer, but they are a pest when they decide to make your home their roost. Learn about the dangers associated with bats if one enters your home..

May, 27 2014

Is The Common House Spider Dangerous?

Most spiders are relatively harmless, but others can be very dangerous. Read on to learn more about the common house spider and what to do if your home becomes refuge for a spider infestation. .

May, 19 2014

Termites: Signs They've Moved In

Causing approximately $5 billion in property damage in the U.S. every year, these silent but deadly destroyers of homes and buildings across the nation are a veritable force of nature. Learn about these telltale signs of a termite infestation. .

April, 21 2014

Cool Facts About Crazy Eight Legs

You never know when information about spiders will come in handy. Here are eight big spider facts you can carry around with you to have in your back pocket for trivia night..

April, 7 2014

Don't Share Your House with a Mouse

With a pointed snout, big, rounded ears and at around 6 inches in full length from head to tail, a house mouse may seem cuddly and cute at first. However, if in your home or workplace, it can chew through your computer cords, contaminate your food, leave droppings for you to clean up and even ruin furniture-not so cuddly and cute anymore!.

March, 24 2014