Brown Recluse in Iowa

The Brown Recluse spider is extremely rare in Iowa. However, with our summers heating up in recent years, this spider species is making its way into northern territories. As one of the few poisonous spiders in Iowa , it is important to be able to correctly identify the brown recluse spider from other common household spiders. .

July, 10 2014

Getting Rid of Moles in Your Yard

Of the many pests that can tear up your lawn and garden, moles are among the most damaging. Like many other homeowners, you might have considered searching online to find home remedies and do-it-yourself mole control methods. However, these DIY approaches don't work and end up giving the moles more time to settle into your yard..

July, 3 2014

Heat, Moisture and Wood: Perfect for Termites

While all homes can unfortunately provide a living space for termites, certain conditions such as heat, moisture, shelter and food create the ideal habitat. Learn eight tips on preventing termite infestations..

June, 26 2014

Snakes of Iowa

Today, there are 27 species of snakes in Iowa - learn about the various types and how to identify them. .

June, 23 2014

Should You Be Scared of Wasps?

Although many people's blood will boil in the company of a wasp, these pests aren't as big of nuisance as we make them out to be. Learn about the most commonly found wasps in the Midwest, how to avoid unwanted encounters and what to do if stung..

June, 17 2014