Squirrels | Des Moines, IA

Squirrel Appearance

The majority of us have seen these little critters scurrying and fearlessly flying from tree to tree at some point in our lives. There are a variety of species of squirrels, but the most commonly encountered types are the gray, red and fox squirrels. Squirrels have bushy tails and tend to grow to about 7.1 inches long.

Squirrel Behavior and Diet

Squirrels most commonly nest in trees. However, when humans expand into natural areas, squirrels are then forced into alternative spaces such as buildings and homes. And for many homeowners, the most frequently invaded spaces are attics and garages. The easiest way for squirrels to get into these spaces is by chewing holes in the structure and then setting up their nest inside. A squirrel's diet typically consists of nuts, bark, leaves, insects, etc.

Squirrel Reproduction 

The majority of squirrels are either born in the spring or the late summer. Every species of squirrel is different in when and how many litters they have each year. Tree squirrels typically have two litters a year, whereas flying squirrels tend to give birth once each year. Litters range from three to eight squirrels.

Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

The most common way to detect a squirrel infestation is by visually spotting them. Additional ways include finding chewing damage that could be for their nest or food, as well as any sounds of their activity.

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