Indian Meal Moths | Des Moines, IA

How Big Are Indian Meal Moths?

Adult Indian meal moths are about 3/8 inch long with a wingspan that ranges approximately 5/8 inches. Their wing color is gray with the rear half of the wings appearing to be brown.

How Do Indian Meal Moths Enter Homes?

The Indian meal moth feeds on a wide variety of food sources. Once inside a home, these pests are known for eating foods such as dry pet food, cereal, bread, pasta, birdseed, etc. Known to experts as the most common stored food pest in homes, many people bring these pests into their homes from products that are infested at the grocery store. The Indian meal moth is most commonly found at night or in dimly lit parts of a home.

Do Indian Meal Moths Reproduce Frequently?

A typical life cycle for Indian meal moths is about fifty days from egg to adult. Mature female Indian meal moths can lay around 100 to 300 eggs singularly or in groups of up to 30 at a time. Depending on climate conditions, newly hatched larvae can hatch between two to fourteen days, and adults can emerge in four to thirty days. After becoming an adult, Indian meal moths mate and then the females begin to lay the next generation of eggs.

How Do You Avoid An Indian Meal Moth Infestation?

Once an Indian meal moth infestation occurs, they can be very difficult to remove and therefore need a pest professional's assistance. The best ways to keep these pests at bay is to remove their food sources, such as open dog food, cereal bags and any other accessible food. Additionally, consider sealing any necessary holes or openings in the walls or ceiling of your home, including the pantry.

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