Millipedes | Des Moines, IA

What Do Millipedes Look Like?

Millipedes are unique in that they are arthropods. This means that they have two pairs of jointed legs on most of their body segments. Adult millipedes are light brown to black in color and can grow up to 5 inches long.

What Do Millipedes Feed On?

Millipedes are attracted to dark, damp spaces. Therefore, the majority of homeowners tend to find them within flowerbeds and gardens, as well as basements, bathrooms or garages. A millipede's diet consists of dead leaves, decaying wood, and other decaying plant matter. It is during the late fall months that millipedes begin to migrate out of their normal habitat in preparation for winter. During this time, millipedes accidentally make their way into homes, which is when homeowners begin to spot them in abundance.

Do Millipedes Lay Eggs?

After mating, female millipedes lay their eggs within soil. Once deposited in the soil, the female millipede will guard the eggs until they hatch. After they hatch, the young millipedes do not have legs and resemble small adults. After the hatching stage, the young millipedes will begin to molt and develop their six body segments and three pairs of legs. It can take millipedes upwards of one to two years to reach full maturity.

What Are The Signs of a Millipede Infestation?

Detecting a millipede infestation can be difficult. Therefore, the majority of homeowners can have an infestation before they realize it. The main way to determine if you have millipedes is through regular sightings. Another way is to dig into your homes dirt/mulch to inspect for millipedes.

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