Carpet Beetle | Des Moines, IA

Carpet Beetle Appearance 

There are various types of carpet beetles. However, the most common Iowa carpet beetles are:

  • Varied Carpet Beetles: These beetles are 1/8" to 1/4" long with black, brown, white, and yellow patches across their round body.
  • Black Carpet Beetles: About 1/2" long, the black carpet beetle is covered in bristles and is reddish brown in color.
  • Furniture Carpet Beetles: Adult furniture carpet beetles are typically 1/16" to 1/8" long with a combination of black, yellow, and white scales on their back.

Carpet Beetle Behavior and Diet 

Adult carpet beetles diet consists of flower pollen. Carpet beetles are most active throughout the day and tend to be spotted in the evening around street and house lights.

Carpet Beetle Reproduction

Female carpet beetles tend to lay about 25 to 100 eggs throughout the spring months. Depending on the climate, carpet beetles can take upwards of a year to fully develop.

Signs of a Carpet Beetle Infestation

Carpet beetles can cause serious problems when they are not taken care of promptly. Therefore, knowing the signs of a carpet beetle infestation is crucial for homeowners.

Carpet beetle damage occurs within the larvae stage. Larvae will feed within undisturbed, dark locations on a variety of items such as leather, silk, wool, fur and animal hair. As a result, carpet beetles can make their way into places such as upholstered furniture, carpets, coats, blankets, clothing, and pillows eventually creating an infestation.

Once a carpet beetle infestation occurs, it will spread quickly. Damage from carpet beetles will most likely be in a large area or one specific portion of a clothing item, carpet, etc. Larvae are likely to leave brown bristly looking skins when they molt, usually indicating that carpet beetles are the culprit.

Ways to Prevent Carpet Beetles

There are several ways to effectively prevent carpet beetles from entering your home or business. Begin with these steps:

  • Seal crevices and cracks
  • Regularly clean pet beds and surroundings
  • Clean clothes and fabrics regularly
  • Vacuum consistently

Des Moines Carpet Beetle Removal

Carpet beetles are some of the most tedious and difficult indoor pests to get under control due to their ability to find food in concealed locations. With the capacity to circulate throughout a home or office building quickly, efficient and successful carpet beetle removal is crucial to getting them under control. Don't let carpet beetles wreak havoc in your home or business, as the leading Des Moines exterminator Preferred Pest Control can help! Schedule an appointment or call us at (515) 276-7277 today.