Moles | Des Moines, IA

Mole Appearance 

Moles are very unique looking critters. General characteristics of moles include large front clawed feet, pointed snout and short hairless tail. These nuisance pests also have lush, gray fur and small eyes and ears.

Mole Behavior and Diet 

A mole's diet consists of ants, earthworms, beetles and other arthropods that live in the ground. This species prefers to live in seclusion in underground burrows and come to surface, for the most part, by accident. At times, there could be a few moles within one denning area, though this is most likely by accident. Moles prefer to make their home burrows in dry, high spots and will typically hunt in soil that is cool, moist and shaded, where there will be a greater population of worms.

Mole Reproduction

Female moles will produce between three to five offspring in the spring months. The gestation period for moles is approximately 42 days. The only real danger to moles and their young are coyotes, dogs, skunks and hawks, in addition to spring floods.

Signs of a Mole Infestation

Homeowners who have experienced moles before know firsthand how destructive they can be to a lawn or garden. Common infestation signs are mounds and ridges that appear around the yard and are known as subsurface runways. Moles use these runways for feeding. Unfortunately, the number of mounds is no indication of how many moles could be in the yard. Properties that are located on or by fields and forested land are more likely to have more than one mole at a time.

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