Snakes | Des Moines, IA

Iowa Snakes

There are a variety of snakes found in Iowa, and the majority of them are completely harmless. However, it is crucial to beware of every snake that you may encounter and proceed with caution. Common Iowa snakes include:

  • Brown Snake
  • Copperhead (venomous, however, rarely fatal for humans)
  • Diamondback Watersnake
  • Eastern Garter Snake
  • Eastern Hognose Snake
  • Eastern Racer
  • Gopher Snake
  • Graham's Crayfish Snake
  • Lined Snake
  • Massasauga Rattlesnake (venomous)
  • Milk Snake
  • Northern Water Snake
  • Plainbelly Watersnake
  • Plains Garter Snake
  • Prairie Kingsnake
  • Prairie Rattlesnake (venomous)
  • Redbelly Snake
  • Ringneck Snake
  • Smooth Green Snake
  • Speckled Kingsnake
  • Timber Rattlesnake (venomous)
  • Western Fox Snake
  • Western Rat Snake
  • Western Ribbon Snake
  • Western Worm Snake
  • Western Hognose Snake

Snake Spotter

Have you seen a snake slithering around your property? Or maybe you noticed one while you were on a bike ride. No matter the situation, we want to know about it! Share a picture of the snake and where you found it on Snake Spotter*.

*Though snakes are extremely interesting creatures - do not by any means put yourself in harms way to get a picture.

Snake Behavior and Diet

All snakes are vastly different in their behavior and diet. A snake's diet can consist of a variety of animals, such as insects, worms, frogs, birds, small rodents and more. The biggest difference from one snake to another is the way that they kill their prey. Venomous snakes have sharp fangs used to pierce their prey's skin and inject venom, whereas non-venomous snakes tend to use a form of constriction to suppress their prey.

Snake Reproduction

Just like snake behavior and diet differs greatly - reproduction does as well. Some snake species lay eggs, whereas others will give birth to live young, with the number of offspring varying depending on species.

Signs of a Snake Infestation

Regardless of whether a snake is venomous or not, all snakes should be treated with the utmost care and left alone. If you begin to notice snakes around your property, it is important to contact your local pest professional immediately.

Des Moines Pest Control

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