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What do fleas look like?

Adult fleas are small pests. At about 1/10 inch long, they are wingless and reddish brown in color. A characteristic that helps these pests easily move through animal hair is their own microscopic compressed hair.

Why Are Fleas Often Found On House Pets?

Adult fleas are parasites, with a diet that consists of blood from their host. Larvae, however, feed on organic debris such as the adult's feces. Fleas prefer to feed on animals that are hairy such as cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, mice, etc. A unique behavior of fleas is that they are capable of jumping long distances.

Do Fleas Lay Eggs?

Flea eggs are not attached to their host. Therefore, the eggs will hatch in rugs, carpet, bedding, the ground, cracks in the floor, etc. The eggs will typically hatch in around two days.

What Are The Signs of a Flea Infestation?

One of the most noticeable ways to detect a flea infestation is by observing pets scratching repeatedly. This is caused by the fleas feeding on the pet's blood. Additionally, adult fleas are relatively easy to spot with the naked eye, so homeowners may see them jump around trying to land on their pet or them. People may also begin to experience discomfort from flea bites which will leave a skin irritation. And last but not least, "flea dirt," similar to coarse black pepper, can be seen in pet beds, rugs, carpet, etc.

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