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Catch of the Week: Mouse in the Roof

December 10, 2019

What lengths would you go to find shelter from the outdoor elements? This mouse, found inside a Des Moines area home, ascended two-stories to seek protection! Once it was up above, it used its claws to scratch a small hole in the eaves of the roof (image below). Our Des Moines pest control experts don’t normally see rodents going to these lengths to get inside a home, although it isn’t uncommon for mice to scratch or gnaw their way into a safe space.

can mice chew through the roof.

Are Mice Good Climbers?

Mice are excellent climbers and can even climb straight up for long distances, like the mouse we encountered in the Des Moines area. If the surface gives them something to grip onto, they will be able to use their claws to hold on and get where they need to go. On the home’s exterior, mice and rodents can climb stucco, siding, wood finishing, shingles and more. Once inside the house, the most common items a mouse will climb include cords and wires.

Within the walls provides the best climbing and living scenarios for rodents, which is where mice usually try to hide indoors. Not only does this cover them and keep them inconspicuous longer, but it is also better equipped for nesting sites and climbing opportunities. The interiors of walls include insulation, wires, pipes and other supportive structures for mice to explore.

Overall, mice are more athletic than you might imagine. They are very good at climbing, swimming and jumping. They are known to jump just over a foot into the air, which helps them get on top of tables or counters. These jumping and climbing skills are a dangerous combination that make mice and other rodents a threat inside homes.

What Can Mice Chew Through?

Not only did our featured mouse scale the side of a house, but he made his way inside by gnawing through the small gaps on the underside of the roof. It is very common for mice and other rodents to use their teeth as their primary tool. We’ve seen creatures gnaw through many household items, including the items on this list of things mice can chew through:

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Cement
  • Lead
  • Aluminum
  • Asbestos
  • Cinder Blocks
  • And More

If you notice a small hole around your interior or exterior, our experts recommend covering it or filling it with steel wool, like we did outside of this home. Mice can gnaw their way through steel wool, but in most cases they will choose not to. This is because it is sharp and requires more effort compared to other items on the list.

what to use to keep mice out.

A Few More Fun Facts About Mice Teeth

  • No baby teeth. Unlike humans and many pets, mice do not have a small set of teeth that they lose before reproducing larger teeth. They are born with their permanent teeth, which is known as monophyodont.
  • Their teeth never stop growing. This fun fact is talking about the incisors, or the front teeth that most rodents are known for using to gnaw through things. Since the incisors are continually getting longer, mice and rats must constantly chew on various surfaces or objects to keep their teeth at a healthy length. If the teeth get too long, the mice will have a very difficult time eating and will die.
  • Mice Teeth vs. Rat Teeth It’s very common to compare the differences between mice and rats since these two rodents are very similar. Like most other comparisons, rat’s teeth are much bigger than mice teeth. The layout and number of teeth are the same, it’s really just the size that differentiates them. If you see larger bite marks, you have a rat infestation, whereas mice gnawing looks more like tiny scratches.

Des Moines Rodent Extermination

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