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Catch of the Week: Mouse

October 2, 2018

It’s that time of year when the weather gets colder and pests start trying to find warm places to make their nests for the winter. This week we found a mouse that created a nest in a West Des Moines homeowner’s car! The critter found a way to form a new home near the spare tire.

Nesting Habits of a Mouse

Mice can live in most conditions, which is why they’re found in nearly every country across the world. They will nest when they find a location that provides them with plenty of food and water since mice eat 15-20 times per day. In the wild, mice will burrow into the ground to create a nest that keeps them out of reach from predators. When inside the house, mice will use miscellaneous items to build a nest in a small nook or cranny.

There are many reasons why mice create nests:

  • One of the most important functions of a nest is that it provides shelter from predators.
  • Nests keep mice warm from cold conditions and helps them regulate their body temperature.
  • Having a warm and protective nest also increases the chance of survival among litters once the pups are born.

How Does a Mouse Get Inside a House?

Mice are very tiny creatures, their bodies are only about three or four inches long. This makes it very easy for them to squeeze inside through small holes and cracks. Our Des Moines pest control experts believe this week’s catch snuck into the homeowner’s garage through a small gap at the bottom that wasn’t sealed.

When mice are found inside a home, they will live in undisturbed areas or most likely can be found in the kitchen since it provides them with food, water and shelter. If homeowners find mice in the kitchen, they should inspect food containers carefully as rodents will chew through bags or boxes and contaminate food. This is a serious issue and can cause symptoms like vomiting, fever, chills, muscle pain and more.

It can be difficult to spot a rodent infestation early on since these pests are nocturnal and will usually rummage around your home at night. However, they reproduce quickly and if you let warning signs go unnoticed, you could have a huge infestation on your hands. There are a few signs homeowners should check to make sure they don’t have unwanted visitors.

  • Fecal droppings. If you start to see small pellets around your home, don’t ignore this warning sign. Take note of the location and contact a pest exterminator right away.
  • Chewed or frayed wires. Oftentimes mice will munch on wires to determine whether it’s a food source or not, which can cause some serious issues. The last rodent problem in Des Moines we treated had extensive damage to the wiring of their refrigerator and dishwasher.
  • Seeing the mouse. Finding a little rodent scurrying across the floor is a clear sign that you have an infestation. Once you identify a mouse or another rodent in your home, it’s time to call an exterminator!

This week’s catch in West Des Moines exhibited most of these signs, so the homeowner was able to catch the problem quickly. Unfortunately, the vehicle did not go untouched, the mouse chewed up some of the wires in the car it invaded. The resourceful critter used shredded paper to build a nest, then left some shreds behind each day, leading our pest professionals to it’s secret spot.

Rodent Control in Des Moines

Don’t let a mouse take over your house! Call our trained Des Moines pest exterminators if you think you could have rodents in your home. Schedule an appointment with Preferred Pest Control online, or contact us today at (515) 415-5550.

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