Catch of the Week: Cluster Flies

Catch of the Week: Cluster Flies

October 10, 2017

Keep an eye on the exterior of your home during this time of year - cluster flies are swarming! These pests are most likely to enter your home in late fall and early winter as they seek a warm place to hibernate. Our professional pest technicians were recently called to a Des Moines area residence where the owner was experiencing large amounts of cluster flies around their home. Preferred Pest will teach you more about their habits and how to get rid of cluster flies before you have a serious infestation on your hands!

Where to Spot a Cluster Fly Infestation

Cluster flies, also known as attic flies, are on the move now that the nights are getting colder. They're beginning to look for shelter and prepare for hibernation. These flies are unique because they hibernate inside homes as adults.

Homeowners typically see these pests gathering around the outside of their homes near windows, chimneys or any tiny crevice where they can sneak inside. If you find cluster flies gathering around your home or business, call a pest control professional immediately. Once inside, they are difficult to get out!

If these pests do spend the winter inside your walls, you will most likely notice them as the weather warms up again. Cluster flies are attracted to sunlight and warmth, once they become active after hibernation they will typically swarm to sunny spaces and windows in undisturbed or secluded areas like the attic.

Prevent Cluster Flies From Invading Your Home

Cluster flies can be a nuisance to remove, so it's best to take precautionary steps to prohibit them from coming inside. When it comes to pest prevention, Preferred Pest Control has the services you need to ensure they stay away.

Our pest technicians will come to your home for a free estimate if you think you have a cluster fly infestation, but there are a few preventive steps you can take on your own:

  • Fill cracks and crevices in walls, door frames and windows with caulking.
  • Fix/replace any damaged screens on doors or windows.
  • Install insect screening or mosquito nets on soffits or air vents around the exterior.

These protective measures should be reviewed each autumn, because cluster flies aren't the only pests that are trying to make their way indoors! As the weather gets colder there are plenty of critters trying to seek shelter from the winter chill. Although we have a little time before winter hits, swarm season has already started for these pests, so it's best to take action right away!

Leading Des Moines Pest Control

Struggling with cluster flies in your home or business? Preferred Pest Control can help! Our professional technicians are trained to pinpoint any pest issue and know how to take care of the problem safely and effectively. Don't risk having a cluster fly infestation on your hands, call Preferred Pest today at (515) 415-5550 or schedule an appointment with us online!

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