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Catch of the Week: Clover Mites

May 30, 2018

Mites are becoming more common in the Des Moines area lately! These tiny insects tend to thrive in the spring when their eggs are hatching and they have a plentiful supply of fresh vegetation. Clover mites can also appear in homes during the fall as the weather gets colder and they look for a place to lay eggs. Although they typically live outdoors, it’s good to learn how to detect an infestation and keep mites out of your home.

Spotting Clover Mites in Your Home

Clover mites are about the size of a pinhead, so their size can make them very difficult for homeowners to observe until they have an infestation with hundreds or thousands of mites on their hands! You might also notice these pests if you find red stains on your furniture, walls, window sills or bedding - Clover mites are a dark red color and will leave a smudge on fabrics when they’re crushed. For this reason, a great temporary fix to get rid of mites is to vacuum them up.

Quick Tips to Keep Mites Out

Oftentimes, Clover mites and other insects are attracted to homes if there’s moisture or food to help them survive. Keep insects out with our helpful pest prevention tips:

  • Control Their Food Source. The Preferred Pest team agrees that one of the most effective ways to keep Clover mites away from your home is to apply an insecticide treatment to the lawn. This bug commonly feeds on grass, so this treatment could put an end to any Clover mite problems.
  • Fend Off Excess Moisture. Mulch stays wet and is a common culprit that attracts insects and leads them to find entry points around the home. If you have mulch landscaping around your house, make sure it is not directly along your foundation. For an easy fix, consider switching to crushed rocks or another dry material.
  • Keep Plants Trimmed. Mites like to feed on grass and weeds, make sure the vegetation around your home isn’t getting out of hand. For the best results, it’s recommended to keep a two-foot area around the perimeter clear of plants and moisture.
  • Check Your Foundation. Regularly taking a look at the foundation of your property is the best way to spot any cracks or crevices that insects could use to make their way into your home. Seal up any holes outside, and make sure you check the weather strips on your windows and doors as well.

Do Clover Mites Bite Humans?

Fortunately for homeowners, Clover mites are one of the few mites species that don’t feast on blood - in fact, they’re vegetarians! They typically munch on clovers, grassy lawns, weeds and many other plants. Since these insects are not an immediate danger to homeowners, they are more of nuisance pest, but they should still be dealt with right away, especially since they’re usually found in large numbers.

Because the Clover mite is so small, they’re also extremely difficult to get rid of. These pests can hide in the tiniest gaps of a home, so it’s best to contact a professional pest exterminator if you discover an infestation.

Pest Control Services in the Des Moines Metro

If you think you may have mites in your home, contact a pest control professional before you have thousands of insects invading your home! Reach out to the insect removal experts at Preferred Pest Control to take care of the problem. Call today at (515) 415-5550 or schedule an appointment online.

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