Tyler Smith as Ninja Bug Man on American Ninja Warroir

Preferred Pest's Tyler Smith Competes on American Ninja Warrior

May 5, 2016

Our very own Preferred Pest technician Tyler Smith has made it onto season 8 of the television show American Ninja Warrior as 'Ninja Bug Man!' Tyler has been training with the goal to make it onto the show as a Ninja Warrior contestant for years, and we couldn't be more excited for him to achieve this ambition of his.

Learn more about Tyler's Ninja Warrior story and why he set out to accomplish this difficult goal.

Inspiration to Make it onto American Ninja Warrior

For years, Tyler has been wanting to send in an audition tape to American Ninja Warrior but has just missed the deadline each time. So this year Tyler made sure to get his audition tape in on time and was lucky enough to be asked to participate in the regional qualifier!

"I have watched the show for years and have always been intrigued by it. I thought that someday I could see myself competing on the show. A local gym invited me to participate in a competition and I was fortunate to win. I was then asked to participate in a bigger competition in Minnesota. At that competition, I was able to compete against guys that had been on the American Ninja Warrior show. "

-Tyler Smith | 'Ninja Bug Man'

Training for American Ninja Warrior

There is a lot of training that occurs to build up for the show and, with two kids at home, Tyler attempts to get in as much training as possible each week.

"I train a couple of nights a week at a local rock climbing gym. This type of training helps me with grip strength, endurance, and arm strength. I also lift weights in my home gym."

-Tyler Smith | 'Ninja Bug Man'

After all of this training, Tyler was able to send in an audition tape to American Ninja Warrior and was accepted to compete in the regional qualifier in Indianapolis. If Tyler hadn't of been accepted via his audition tape, he would have had to wait in line for weeks, with zero guarantee to get a shot at the course! Needless to say, he was excited to hear his audition tape was enough for him to get a call back from the producers. .

Choosing the Name 'Ninja Bug Man'

For obvious reasons, Tyler thought incorporating pests would help him stick out in the crowd of participants in this year's competition. While brainstorming ideas, a friend asked Tyler what name a ten-year-old boy would want to root for, and it clicked: 'Ninja Bug Man.'
In addition to a fun nickname, Tyler's job at Preferred Pest has helped to contribute to his ninja success.

"My job at Preferred Pest Control is a physically challenging job. This benefits me by keeping me in shape while I work. I do a lot of climbing on steep roofs and tall ladders while I remove and eradicate pests like bats, termites, and bed bugs. I appreciate having a job that gets me outdoors and is physically challenging. I get to spend less time at the gym and more time with my family."

-Tyler Smith | 'Ninja Bug Man'

Ninja Bug Man

Look for Tyler as 'Ninja Bug Man' on American Ninja Warrior this June on NBC!


American Ninja Warrior Update: Tyler Moves onto the Indianapolis Qualifier!

Tyler Smith American Ninja Warrior

(Image from Heavy)

We are excited to announce that Tyler completed and moved past the second qualifier round of American Ninja Warrior! He will now move onto compete in the Indianapolis Qualifier.

American Ninja Warrior Update: Tyler Moves Past the Qualifying Round in Indianapolis!

Tyler has made it past the qualifying round and is set to compete in the Indianapolis City Finals. If he makes it past this round, Tyler will move on to compete in the National Finals in Las Vegas where he will have a chance to win the million dollar prize!

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Tyler Smith as Ninja Bug Man

(Image from Joe Robbins/NBC)

American Ninja Warrior Update: Tyler Moves Past the Indianapolis City Finals!

Tyler has made it to the National Finals! This past week Tyler moved past the Indianapolis City Finals and will be heading to Las Vegas to compete for the chance to win the million dollar prize!

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American Ninja Warrior Update: We are Proud of Tyler's Ninja Warrior Success!

What an amazing journey it has been for our technician, Tyler Smith, on American Ninja Warrior. Though he did not move past stage 1 of the finals, he is already excited to try out for the next season. 

"Feeling super blessed to have gotten the opportunities I have had this year through the whole ninja journey. Thank you so much to all of my family and friends for being such an amazing fan base. No worries, I will come back stronger and bring the best possible package for next year." 

- Tyler Smith | 'Ninja Bug Man'