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Is The Common House Spider Dangerous?

May 19, 2014

The little eight-leg critters we find roaming around the walls and ceilings of our homes can be disturbing for some, but the common house spider is not dangerous to you, your children or your pets.

American house spiders, also known as the common house spider are not bloodsuckers, nor do they have any reason to bite an animal or human for them to eat. The spiders you find inside your home prey on insects and other small creatures. Additionally, the common house spider does not possess medically threatening venom. Very, very few spiders have venom that creates a need for medical attention - and those that do have little chance of being found in a Midwest home. The only potentially dangerous spiders found in Iowa are the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse spiders, both of which are conditioned for outdoor habitats. If you do find one of these venomous species in your house it is critical to have the spider properly identified by a pest management professional. While you can't free yourself of spiders all together IT IS possible to reduce their numbers. Preferred Pests has a solution to eliminate these annoying pests from your home.

I was bit by a common house spider - now what?

The common house spider is relatively harmless. But they might defend themselves when they feel threatened. If you are not sure that the spider was indeed a common house spider it is important to take note of symptoms and monitor the wound. In a case of a severe reaction it is best to contact a medical professional.

Rid Yourself of Spiders

First, house spiders are conditioned for living indoors. Don't think you are being kind to a spider by putting it outside rather than killing it. House spiders are not acclimated for an unprotected outdoor habitat and will most likely die. What you can do to control the number of indoor spiders is to keep up on regular house cleaning. Spiders like windows, attics, basements, corners and any other place that they can go about their business undisturbed. Use a vacuum cleaner with a wand attachment to clean in every nook and cranny. By vacuuming under couch cushions to remove webbing you are not just eliminating spiders, but you are destroying the egg sacs as well.

Many insecticides that you use to kill ants and beetles are often labeled for spiders. However, insecticides are not an efficient way to kill house spiders. First, spiders are not insects. They are arachnids. Secondly, insecticides kill other bugs because they drag their body across the chemicals. Spiders are able to keep their bodies up off the surfaces they crawl on. Thus, there is no reason to use additional chemicals within your home. If you have a spider infestation or need help eliminating any type of spider in your home, contact Preferred Pest Control.

Preferred Pest - AllPest Elimination System

The Groundforce System is designed not only to rid your home of annoying critters, but it also prevents spiders from taking refuge in your home in the future. The system includes spider web removal both indoors and out. For more information on the system, call the experts at Preferred Pest Control. We are committed to making your home pest-free, so you can be worry-free all year long!