Des Moines Mouse Removal

Don't Share Your House with a Mouse

March 24, 2014

The only mouse that most of us actually welcome into our homes is Mickey Mouse, as we watch him on T.V., decorate our walls with Mickey clocks and posters and dedicate every birthday wish to one day visit his home. But even with a fun-loving character that comes from the place "where dreams come true," he is usually packed up by the time we reach our teenage years. So, if we cringe at the idea of lovable Mickey still being around the house past the age of 10, then it is no wonder we choose to keep a mouse out that could transmit disease or leave droppings around the home.

A mouse is a rodent that characteristically has a pointed snout, small rounded ears and a long tail. Although there are several species of mice, the most well-known is the house mouse. At around 6 inches in full length from head to tail with a tiny face and big, round ears, a house mouse may seem cuddly and cute. However, female house mice reproduce year round, and a family of tiny, seemingly harmless mice can easily become a mice infestation in your home or business.

A mouse can squeeze into cracks that are the size of a dime and can chew through your computer cords, contaminate your food, leave droppings for you to clean up and even ruin furniture-not so cuddly and cute anymore. If you suspect a mouse infestation, then it is important you deal with the situation immediately and contact professional pest control, but here are some tips for effective mouse control and prevention in your home or office:

Maintain a Clean and Organized Environment

Mice seek shelter in small, undisturbed places such as storage boxes, attics and within floors and walls and create nests from shredded boxes, fabric and other material they find lying around. The less "mess" mice have to work with, then the fewer places they can call home.

Pay attention to Gaps and Holes In and Around Your Home

Mice can enter a home through opened windows, doors, cracks in the foundation, drain pipes and vents-basically any opening, since their bodies are able to squeeze into a space that is as small as a ||special188|| inch wide. Make sure you seal any openings around plumbing and electrical work and fit windows with screens if possible.

Set Up Mouse Traps

If you suspect only a small number of mice are in your home or office, traditional mouse traps and glue traps can be an effective solution for mouse removal and extermination.

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