Des Moines Squirrel Control

Catch of the Week: Squirrels

May 24, 2017

Recently, our technicians were called to a Johnston home that was dealing with a serious squirrel problem. The squirrel pictured above was wreaking havoc on the home's trim. Learn more about these critters and how they can cause a lot of damage when gone unnoticed!

Squirrel Behavior and Diet

Everyone has seen a squirrel at one time or another, especially in the Des Moines metro. And with that being said, it is common for squirrels to nest within trees in wooded areas as well as dig burrows underground. On average, squirrels are known to eat about one pound of food each week that can consist of nuts, plants, meat, fruits, etc.

Squirrel Infestations 

The most obvious way to determine if you have a squirrel infestation is by spotting them. The type of damage that squirrels can inflict on a property can consist of damaged electrical wires, holes in a home's siding or soffit, damage to lawns caused by them burying nuts and damage to gardens , as they love to eat garden plants, especially fruits and corn.

Squirrel Fast Facts 

  • Squirrels have four front teethThe 'gray squirrel' can come in a variety of colors that can include white, gray, brown and black

  • Female squirrels carry their young between 29 and 65 days

  • Mothers will give birth to two to eight offspring at a time

  • Baby squirrels are called kits or kittens and are blind when born

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