Des Moines Snake Removal

Catch of the Week: Pool Snakes

June 16, 2017

Recently, our pest patrol was asked to take care of a slippery situation. A home in Des Moines found a snake in their pool, as shown in the photo above. Although this is not common, if you have an unwanted pest in your pool like this one, you'll want to call a pest control professional right away.

Identifying a Snake Infestation

Snake infestations can be pretty easy to spot; usually, you just need to search around your property. If you start seeing more snakes than usual, you might have an infestation. Call a pest control company right away when dealing with snakes.

Diet and Habitat of Snakes 

Each snake species is different, and therefore their diet and behavior can be, too. However, most snakes in Iowa have a diet that consists of small animals such as rodents, birds, frogs, worms, etc. Depending on the species, snakes can live in a variety of habitats from a backyard, to a field and even in a lake or pond (or in this case, a pool).

Snakes in Iowa

Several species of snakes live in Iowa. The majority of them are harmless, but it's important to be cautious of any snake that you encounter, just in case. The most common snakes in Iowa are:

  • Brown Snake

  • Copperhead (venomous, however, rarely fatal for humans) 

  • Diamondback Watersnake

  • Eastern Garter Snake

  • Eastern Hognose Snake

  • Eastern Racer

  • Gopher Snake

  • Graham's Crayfish Snake

  • Lined Snake

  • Massasauga Rattlesnake (venomous) 

  • Milk Snake

  • Northern Water Snake

  • Plainbelly Watersnake 

  • Plains Garter Snake

  • Prairie Kingsnake

  • Prairie Rattlesnake (venomous) 

  • Redbelly Snake

  • Ringneck Snake

  • Smooth Green Snake

  • Speckled Kingsnake

  • Timber Rattlesnake (venomous) 

  • Western Fox Snake

  • Western Rat Snake

  • Western Ribbon Snake

  • Western Worm Snake

  • Western Hognose Snake 

Snake Spotter 

Have you noticed a slithering creature in your neighborhood? Whether you find a snake at home or you come across one while out and about, we want to know about it! Share a picture of the snake you found on Snake Spotter*!
*Snakes are extremely interesting creatures, but you should always proceed with caution. Never put yourself in harm's way to capture a photo!

Leading Pest Control Service in Des Moines 

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