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Catch of the Week: Opossum Infestation

July 1, 2016

Opossums are in the Des Moines metro! This past week, our technicians were called to a home that had an opossum family living with them. Though opossums do not normally choose to live within homes, but rather below them in the ground, it does happen. We were able to locate and remove the opossum family and relocate them to a safe place.

Learn more about opossum behavior and how to detect an infestation!

Opossum Appearance

An adult opossum is large in size, has long, light-gray hair and a scaly tail that tends to be about half the length of their body.

Opossum Behavior

When seeking shelter, most opossums will seek out an already existing structure. They prefer hollow logs, beneath buildings, garages, etc. where they will have easy access to a food source. Additionally, opossums are omnivores. Therefore, they will eat pretty much anything. For meals, they tend to consume a variety of foods such as fruits, insects, grass, birds, fish, etc.

Fun Fact: When spooked, opossums will 'play possum,' meaning they will mimic the appearance and smell of a dead animal.

Signs of an Opossum Infestation

Just as many homeowners notice when a raccoon is around, the experience is very similar with opossums. They will usually be spotted around garbage cans/dumpsters, in attics or spotted in a burrow below the structure of the home or building.

How to Keep Opossums Out

The most effective way to keep opossums at bay is to prevent them from being a problem in the first place. That being said, one of the easiest and most effective tactics to keeping opossums away is to remove any available food source. You can start by keeping your garbage bins secured in your garage, or another closed off area and keep your pets food inside or in airtight containers.

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