Des Moines Opossum Removal

Catch of the Week: Opossum

April 14, 2017

As the weather begins to warm, one pesky species is beginning to make its way onto the properties (and potentially into homes) of many Des Moines residents: opossums. These critters have begun to pop up around the metro in large numbers, and our team of technicians have helped numerous homeowners, such as this Johnston resident, relocate these animals off of their property and back into their natural habitat.

Opossums | Appearance 

Opossums are unique looking critters in that they have long, light gray hair with a hairless tail that is about half the length of their body.

Opossums | Behavior and Diet 

Opossums are lazy and therefore will nest within existing structures such as logs, garages, abandoned nests in trees, sheds, etc. These pests prefer to nest close to their food source for an easy commute. Opossums are known to feed on an abundance of different foods such as grass, fruit, insects, birds, fish, etc.

How to Keep Opossums Out 

The best and most efficient way to keep opossums out of your home and off of your property is to eliminate their food source. Make sure to keep your garbage bins covered and in a closed off space, keep pet food out of sight and if you have fruit trees of any kind, make sure to pick up fallen fruit. An additional tactic would be to ensure that all entry points are eliminated. Close off any cracks and crevices around the exterior of your home that could allow them to access the inside.

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