Des Moines Opossum Removal

Latest Catch of the Week: Opossum

December 9, 2016

Over the past week, our technicians were called to a house in Johnston where the homeowners were experiencing opossum issues. When we arrived, there was a total of four opossums scavenging around the outdoor grill. Though opossums seem scary initially, they are relatively harmless animals.

Opossum Appearance 

Adult opossums are relatively large creatures that have long, light gray hair and a tail that appears scaly.

Opossum Infestation Signs 

There are various signs that may indicate that you have an opossum infestation on your hands. First and foremost, if you begin to see droppings around the inside or outside perimeter of your home - this is a tall tale sign their nest is near. Additionally, it is not uncommon to spot them around the garbage can or an outdoor grill, such as with the Johnston homeowner.

Opossum Fast Facts 

  • Opossums are not known to be community critters
  • Female opossums reproduce once per year but can have up to two litters
  • Opossums are scavengers. Therefore, they have a reputation for damaging lawns when digging for grubs
  • Homeowners typically notice opossums for the first time when they encounter them

Des Moines Pest Control Service 

As we begin to approach winter, animals will begin to seek warmth. And more often than we like to think, our homes become an ideal location. If you begin to notice critters such as opossums sneaking around your property or within your home, give us a call at (515) 415-5550 or schedule an appointment with us online.