Des Moines Iowa Minute Pirate Bug

Catch of the Week: Minute Pirate Bug

October 13, 2016

Have you been getting attacked by the 'little black bugs' this fall? You're not alone! These nuisance pests are none other than a minute pirate bug (also known as insidious flower bugs or 'no-see-ums'). During late summer and early fall, these insects make their presence known by biting at humans aggressively.

Minute Pirate Bug Appearance

Due to their miniature size, the minute pirate bugs go easily unnoticed until they bite you. When examined, the minute pirate bug appears oval or triangular measuring  about ?  of an inch long with black coloration and white markings on its back.

Minute Pirate Bug Behavior and Diet

The minute pirate bugs are most prevalent in fields, woodlands and gardens. These pests are extremely beneficial predators due to their preference to feed on small insects, as well as the eggs of other insects. Until late summer these pests go unnoticed. It is when they begin to migrate from woodlands and fields and begin biting at humans that they become apparent. Though their bite is painful, they do not feed on blood or inject any venom.

Des Moines Pest Control

Minute pirate bugs are not a species of pest to worry about. Though their bite hurts and annoys us, they are not known to infest homes due to the short amount of time they interact with humans. Do you have further questions or want to make an appointment? Feel free to give us a call at (515) 415-5550 or schedule an appointment online!