bed bug aggregation sites.

Catch of the Week: Local Bed Bug Infestation

January 14, 2020

Recently, our bed bug exterminators where called to a Des Moines area home with a major infestation on their hands. Despite their attempts at trying to remove the bed bugs on their own, the homeowners could not get rid of these pests. Bed bugs are very resilient and can withstand many pest control methods used to kill other insects, so it’s important to contact a professional if you think you might have bed bugs.

Where Are Bed Bugs Most Likely To Hide?

Obviously, bed bugs prefer to hide in mattresses and box springs, which is how they get their name. However, like the homeowner we visited, bed bugs will choose other hiding spots when there’s a large enough infestation, which causes overcrowding on the bed. Other common places for bed bugs to hide are:

  • Baseboards
  • Wallpaper
  • Picture Frames
  • Within Upholstery
  • Electric Outlets
  • Furniture
  • Ceiling

In the case of the home we visited, the bed bugs were most prominent on the ceiling where our pest exterminators found many aggregation sites.

what are aggregation sites.

What Are Bed Bug Aggregation Sites?

Bed bugs release pheromones to signal to one another they’ve found a “home” where others can join them. In the picture above, the dark spots in the cracks between the ceiling and the wall showcase the aggregation sites. When we see bed bug aggregation sites like the ones along the ceiling, our experts know there’s a large infestation at hand, since bed bugs typically release this pheromone when they need to spread out from the original hiding place.

Common DIY Bed Bug Tactics & Why They Don’t Work

The Des Moines homeowners we visited tried a few different bed bug removal methods before calling our team to take care of the problem. Our exterminators often see various attempts, but since bed bugs are so resilient, most at-home solutions will not be effective. It is best to call a professional in right away to tackle the problem before it gets out of hand.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

DE is a common DIY pest control solution used for many types of pests, including bed bugs. Diatomaceous Earth is a white dust made from crushed up fossils, called diatome. It’s thought to be an effective solution because the tiny particles have razor-sharp edges that pierce through the exoskeleton of insects, dry it out and kill the bugs on contact.

This can be a pretty effective method to decrease the amount of bugs in a home, however, it is not a long term solution and should not be the only pest control solution in place. Homeowners also need to do their research and make sure they have the right type of DE since there are many types, and only certain kinds are designated for pest control purposes. Additionally, it’s essential to remember that this powder is similar to a pesticide that can have negative effects on your health, and should be applied minimally in areas where the bugs are most likely to be found.

Bug Bombs

Many homeowners use bug bombs as an at-home trick to get rid of bed bugs and other insects. This is an aerosol propellant that releases its content all at once to fumigate the home. This type of treatment requires residents to be out of the home for 2-4 hours, then another half hour at least while the fumes are being ventilated out of the house. This is one of the most ineffective pest control techniques since the chemicals released cannot get into the nooks and crannies where bugs typically hide.

Ultrasonic Devices

Some homeowners have tried to use ultrasonic pest control devices to keep pests away as a pest prevention tactic. These devices do not effectively keep pests away, and in some cases can even attract them. Our experts do not recommend using them as a pest control method.

Talcum Powder & Baking Soda

Similar to the idea behind DE, many people believe talcum powder or baking soda can be used to get rid of bed bugs by drying them out upon contact, however, this is a myth. It is not proven that these elements work to control pests. Additionally, these powders aren’t very effective since talcum powder and baking soda are not as sharp as DE and do not pierce the exoskeleton of an insect.


Oftentimes, when pests can be difficult to get rid of without using harsh chemicals, a common pest control tactic to try is vacuuming up the pests. If you catch the pest problem early on, this technique can be effective, but it still shouldn’t be the only pest control method used. Homeowners also need to remember to dispose of the vacuum bag quickly and outside of the home so the pests cannot escape and reinfest the area.

Des Moines Bed Bug Extermination

The most effective method to get rid of bed bugs quickly is calling a professional pest control company! Bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of, and our experts have spent many years researching the most effective way to eliminate bed bugs and keep them out. If you’re looking for bed bug services or you’d like an expert to perform a bed bug inspection on your property, call Preferred Pest Control at (515) 415-5550. Otherwise, schedule an appointment online with the best bed bug exterminators in Des Moines.


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