Des Moines Bed Bug Removal

Catch of the Week: Des Moines Bed Bugs

April 20, 2017

Unfortunately, bed bug season is upon us. For many homeowners, they are becoming more than a just a nuisance; they are causing serious infestations. In the photo above, our pest technicians were treating a Des Moines home that was infested with bed bugs. The homeowner began to notice that something wasn't quite right when their young child began to wake up each morning with bites.

Signs You May Have a Bed Bug Infestation 

Bed bugs can go under the radar for quite a bit of time. There are four main signs that can alert of a bed bug infestation. These include:

  • Bites - One of the top ways to detect an infestation is when you begin to notice small, red welts on your body.

  • Defecation - After feeding, bed bugs will return to their 'nest' where they will defecate, creating brown and black stains.

  • Case skins - As the bed bugs grow and develop, they will begin to shed their skins.

  • Spotting the bugs - Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and are typically red/brown in color.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs 

There are various ways you can be proactive against bed bugs. First, remove any clutter from around your home that would make it easy for bed bugs to nest in. Second, when you wash and dry your linens, make sure that you have it turned on the hottest temperature permitted. Third, inspect any second-hand furniture before bringing it home. And lastly, inspect your home when you return from any trips, after moving, etc.

Leading Des Moines Pest Control 

Are you experiencing a bed bug infestation like this Des Moines homeowner? If so, take care of the problem immediately with the help of Preferred Pest! Bed bugs can cause serious issues when left untreated - schedule an appointment online or give us a call at (515) 415-5550 today!