Des Moines Rat Removal

Newest Catch of the Week: Rats

September 11, 2015

This week Preferred Pest Control was called to an apartment complex in West Des Moines regarding a rat that was spotted roaming the grounds. Once our technicians arrived at the complex, they were able to catch the rat using a live trap. Upon further inspection, it was determined that the rat was most likely a pet that got loose.
Though this call was a miss understanding - rats can easily wreak havoc in your home or business once inside. Learn the common signs that rats may be in your home. 

Rat Behavior

Rat populations tend to develop within a burrow. Rats can be aggressive when they feel they are being threatened in which they may try to fight back. Rats are found in suburbs, cities, and rural areas.

A Rats Diet

Rats are not picky about their food, therefore, they enjoy a wide range of options from carcasses to fallen fruit. This is what makes a home or business a great place for rats due to the abundance of resources for these critters. When food becomes accessible, a rats habits are soon driven based on the availability of food. They are not afraid to take from a variety of food sources such as a pets food dish or a trash can.

Signs Rats Have Entered Your Home/Business

The most obvious sign that rats have entered your home and may have infested is when you find living or dead rats. Rats will hide until they are unable to hide anymore, therefore if they are spotted in the open, the likelihood that an infestation has started is very high. Another obvious sign is rat droppings which indicate there is a healthy rat population that is finding adequate resources.

Rats in Iowa

Rats tend to enter your home or business during the fall as the temperature starts to decrease. Common entrance points include openings for water pipes/utility lines, cracks in the foundation, and doors or screens.

Rat Control

Rats can be wary of unknown objects, which is why trapping a rat can be very difficult. Therefore, if you are struggling with rats entering your home or business, Preferred Pest Control can help! As Des Moines' pest control leader for over 30 years, we can take care of any pest problem quickly and efficiently. Schedule an appointment today!