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Catch of the Week: Des Moines Honey Bees

July 28, 2017

One of last week's storms exposed a honey bee problem for a homeowner in the Valley Junction part of West Des Moines. A large branch broke off and split open, revealing an active bee colony! These pests can cause trouble when they go unnoticed and create large colonies inside or around your home or business. If you encounter a hive, contact the bee removal experts to safely and effectively get rid of any bees around your property.

Signs You May Have a Bee Infestation

Although bees can be helpful to the environment, it can be very dangerous to let bee hives survive around your home or business. Depending on the species, it can be hard to identify a hive, but if you find one it is important to contact a pest professional right away. We recommend calling a beekeeper first to remove the colony, but our technicians can also get rid of honey bees while they're still in the nest.

Beehives are commonly found in:

  • Shallow holes in the ground
  • Beneath rocks
  • Tree branches
  • Bird's nests

Protecting Your House from Unwanted Honey Bees

To prevent bees from entering your home, make sure all small openings are sealed. However, if these insects have already made their way inside, it can be effective to apply a treatment that prevents them from informing the rest of the colony about the potential nesting spot. If you've have a honey bee infestation before, it is crucial to remove all honeycomb that might have been left behind since its scent can attract new swarms.

Reducing the clutter around your house is also an efficient method of warding off honey bees. When miscellaneous lawn equipment or parts are lying around the ground and not being used, this provides a shelter that will allow hives to thrive. Tidy up and protect your yard from bees and other pests.

Des Moines' Leading Honey Bee Removal & Pest Control

If you think your home or business is experiencing a bee infestation or need to get rid of a beehive, Preferred Pest can be your solution! Our experienced technicians can remove the problem safely and efficiently. If left unnoticed, honey bees can cause a serious issue, so call us today at (515) 276-7277 or schedule an appointment online!

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