Catch of the Week: Bats & Squirrels

Catch of the Week: Bats & Squirrels

December 6, 2017

As the weather cools down, we typically start to see animals searching to find their way inside homes before the long winter season starts. Thanks to the unusually warm fall weather we've been experiencing in the Des Moines Metro, these critters haven't started hibernating yet and are still looking for shelter.

Last week, our pest technicians encountered two very common pests we find trying to make their way inside this time of year; bats and squirrels. Make sure your home is properly sealed as we start the winter season so you don't have any unexpected visitors in your attic like these Des Moines homeowners!

How Do Outdoor Pests Get Inside?

It can depend on the critter we're talking about, but animals typically find a way indoors through damage in the siding of the house, drain pipes or even the overhang of a roof. Any small opening that gives critters an opportunity to find shelter will be sought out. Bats have poor eyesight, but that doesn't mean they aren't very good at finding small crevices to squeeze through. Their other senses are heightened, so they can be very sensitive to air currents coming from the home. This Des Moines homeowner had four bats enter the house through a crack in the siding!

Other outdoor animals can be more inventive to get inside, like the squirrel we found in a Des Moines home. This little rodent was so desperate it chewed through the metal flashing to seek shelter in the attic. It's also typical for squirrels and mice to chew through cardboard packages if they are are setting outside for a long period of time.

squirrel in the attic

Detecting Animals in Your Home

If possible, try to prevent outdoor critters from invading your home before it happens. Make sure to check for damage around the exterior of your house so you can spot a potential entry point before any unexpected guests move in. Do this type of inspection in the fall and in the spring when outdoor pests are most active. As the weather changes they are either trying to find a way inside or get outside if they managed to hibernate indoors during the winter season.

Obvious signs there are animals inside would be fecal droppings found on the floor or the walls (in case of bats). Generally, pests try to hide in areas that are not regularly used, so if you don't spot droppings, you can still hear if you have an unexpected visitor upstairs in your attic. The sounds will vary depending on the type of critter that claimed your home, but Preferred Pest has a handy guide explaining which attic noises are common for each pest. If you do believe you have a bat in the attic or pests inside your home, it's best to call a professional to safely and efficiently take care of any problems and prevent issues from recurring.

Why You Should Have a Professional Exterminator Inspect for Pests

Our pest professionals know exactly what they're looking for at each pest control job. We check the exterior walls and roof of your home for damage since this is the most common way critters get indoors. If we do see any issues, we patch them up and prevent future pests from finding a way inside your home. Our pest technicians check the inside of your home for potential issues as well and make sure your house is in the the best possible shape for a pest-free winter.

Besides the professional and friendly service you'll receive, it's important to use extermination services to take care of pest infestations right away! At-home DIY fixes can take time, and pests can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. For example, mice and squirrels can chew through electrical wiring, which can result in a house fire.

Pest Control and Prevention in Des Moines

If the problem these Des Moines area homeowners experienced sounds familiar or you think you might have an unexpected guest in your home, Preferred Pest can take care of it. Our exterminators offer quality services and prevent pest problems in the future. If you're dealing with critters trying to get inside your home as winter approaches, call Preferred Pest today at (515) 415-5550 or schedule an appointment online!

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