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Iowa wildlife usually becomes an issue for businesses and homeowners in the early spring or fall seasons. We typically see the most wildlife removal issues with raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs and opossums. When warm weather hits they emerge from hibernation in search of food and a new place to claim as their own. In similar fashion, as temperatures drop critters need to find new places to establish a home again for winter.

Our goal is to safely remove any wild animals from your property before they cause too much damage and prevent them from coming back. Most of the critters we deal with tend to dig up yards or break through roofs or siding on the house to get inside. If you’re noticing more wild animals around your home than usual, contact your local wildlife control company for assistance with animal control. Our wildlife removal team handles issues with the following unwanted pests:

  • Opossums.
  • Raccoons.
  • Squirrels.
  • Groundhogs.
  • Snakes.
  • Moles.
  • Voles.
  • Foxes.

Preferred Pest Control wildlife control services 

Preferred Pest Control Wildlife Removal Process

Our team prides ourselves in our dedication to protect our customers from unwanted critters and avoiding an infestation in the future. Our wildlife control professionals remove the pests from your property, repair the damage the animal may have caused to the building and seal any holes or potential entries to prevent problems later. We strive for outstanding animal control services to earn your trust and establish a long-term relationship.

Wild Animal Control That’s Safe


Whether your pest problems are inside or outside your home or business, Preferred Pest Control has the animal control services you’re looking for. Our wildlife removal process is safe and will not put the wild animals at risk. Most of our wildlife control processes involving trapping the animal, but the methods we use to capture different wildlife can be unique.

We use safe and humane trapping tactics and check our devices every day to make sure the animals are not encaged longer than necessary. Many trapping services euthanize the nuisance animal after it is captured, but the Preferred Pest wildlife control team relocates the trapped animals to wildlife refuge areas. We strive to keep the animals safe while preventing them from coming back to your home or business.

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Don’t let wild animals become a nuisance for your home or business! Our trained wildlife removal technicians will inspect the area, evacuate any pests and provide preventive care for your home or business. If you think you might have an animal control problem call Preferred Pest Control at (515) 276-7277 or schedule an appointment online today!