Bird Control Services

In Iowa, birds typically increase in bird's nest in pipe numbers in the spring when they're migrating back from their warmer winter locations. Bird season starts as early as April, which is when homes and business start to see birds taking over their property. These pests can cause damage to the property or even health issues, so it's best to take care of bird removal before it turns into a bigger problem. Contact your local bird exterminator if birds become an issue around your home or business and you need help removing birds nests.

Bird Removal | Preferred Pest Control's Process

Preferred Pest Control doesn't just get rid of birds from your home, we help you keep them out! We genuinely want to help you and your family keep any unwanted pests out of your home. Our bird exterminators take pride in their work and focus not only on solving the current problem, but Preferred Pest also wants to earn your long-term trust with our outstanding professional services.

Whether your bird infestation is inside or outside your home or business, Preferred Pest Control has the bird control solutions you're looking for. Our bird removal process is safe and won't put the birds at risk. Preferred Pest bird exterminators use a variety of methods, including non-harmful fogging, visual repellents, traps and bird netting to prevent birds from entering areas they are unwanted. During the bird control process, we also use stainless steel bird spikes to prevent bird roosting on ledges. Once the bird infestation is successfully removed from your home, netting and bird guards are placed on vents and other small exterior openings to prevent birds coming back into your home or business.

Service That's Safe

Some birds found in Iowa, like woodpeckers and barn swallows, are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Removing these protected species involves strict regulations in order to keep the birds unharmed. Preferred Pest bird exterminators are trained on the required tactics to get rid of these endangered birds in a safe and efficient manner.

Preferred Pest Control bird removal services

Why Bird Control Protects Your Home or Business

The damage that a bird infestation can leave could be substantial if gone unnoticed, so it's best to take care of bird removal as soon as you can. Contact Preferred Pest for our Bird Control Services to avoid problems like these:

  • Bird droppings are unsightly and can stain, corrode and cause other damages to building materials.
  • Bird droppings and nesting materials can carry a number of diseases.
  • Birds nests in vents or drains can clog the outlet and prevent drainage.
  • Birds nests can also be a great home for other pests once the birds leave - bird mites, bed bugs and chicken mites traditionally take over nests once the host is gone

How to Get Rid of Birds and Prevent the Problem

It's important to scope out the exterior of your home or business for pest problems every once in awhile. Many critters get in through small openings, so regularly checking for cracks that need to be filled is a great habit. Birds typically find their way inside through the attic, chimneys, laundry vents, air vents or other small openings where they're able to set up their nest. On the exterior, the most typical places to get rid of birds nests is inside vents or soffits, inside rain gutters, on ledges or even on balconies. Removing birds nests should be done by a professional to prevent as much damage as possible and keep the birds safe.

Des Moines Area's Leading Bird Control

Keep birds at bay with professional services from Preferred Pest Control. Our trained bird exterminators will inspect and secure your home or business with our bird removal process. If you think you might have a bird problem, or you'd like to prevent a bird infestation from happening, call Preferred Pest Control at (515) 276-7277 or schedule an appointment online today!