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Thermal Remediation - FAQ

Q: How hot will it get in the area being treated?

A: The Thermal Remediation kill zone is between 120-140||special186||F.  Our electric bed bug heaters are digitally locked not to exceed 135°F air temperature in the area being treated.  Exceeding those temperatures may result in damage to the structure and its contents.

Q: Will the bed bugs run from the heat and spread to other units?

A: Bed bugs are attracted to body heat.  In a similar fashion, it is our experience that bed bugs emerge from hiding and are attracted to the heat from the heaters rather than seeking routes to escape.

Q: Can this system be used to treat other insects (fleas, roaches, etc)?

A: All insects have a thermal death point, but their behavior during the heat treatment process will vary. Bed bugs are the main focus of our EBB equipment.

Q: How long does a typical treatment take?

A: Treatment times will vary depending on the size and construction of the structure, the level of infestation, the type of contents, etc.  We have found the average time to treat a typical apartment to be 6-8 hours from set up to tear down.

Q: Couldn't I turn up my thermostat and close all the windows to accomplish the same thing?

A: We highly discourage homeowners from trying to do this themselves. Research shows that temperatures of 122°F and higher need to be achieved for 100% mortality of the bed bug's full life cycle. Home furnaces do not have the capability of safely reaching these temperatures. Proper air movement and temperature monitoring are also key to an effective heat treatment.  Please consider the fire and safety risks when using any type of heating equipment beyond its intended purpose, and call a professionally trained service provider with the proper equipment.

Q: Does the furniture have to be thrown out?

A: Typically furniture and personal belongings do not need to be disposed of, except in some rare cases with extremely high levels of infestation.

Q: Will the heat cause damage to my electronics?

A: Not when using a Thermal Remediation system.  All electronics have a storage temperature and an operational temperature. Storage temperatures typically allow electronics to be subject to up to 149°F.  The EBB heaters are digitally locked not to exceed temperatures of 135||special186||F.  All electronic equipment within the space should be unplugged during a heat treatment.