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Catch of the Week: Yellow Jacket Waps

July 22, 2015

Have You Been Stung by a Yellow Jacket Wasp This Summer?

If not, you are lucky! One of Preferred Pest Control's very own technicians was stung earlier this week while walking around the outside of his home. As you can see from the images, there is quite a difference in hand size due to the sting.

Yellow jacket wasps, Preferred Pest Control

Yellow Jacket Wasp Populations Are on the Rise!

This summer has been a big one for yellow jacket wasp populations. It is common for the average yellow jacket wasp nest to contain an astounding 5,000 wasps. They will typically be found in a nest suspended from a tree, within a hole in the ground, in the middle of a bush, or simply going in and out of a small hole on the outside of the house.

Be Careful, This Could Happen to You!

Over the years Preferred Pest Control technicians have seen a lot of issues instigated by wasps. Make sure these scenarios don't happen to you! 

  • We had an individual who was stung while trimming their bushes. They believe the nest was hidden within the bush, therefore when the trimmer started it created such a vibration that the wasps became alarmed and swarmed, causing several stings.

  • A friend of one of our technicians was mowing their yard and happened to mow right over the top of a yellow jacket nest in the ground. Because of the mower's noise, they were not able to hear the wasps, which ended up his pant leg, sending them into anaphylactic shock. The good news is they had an epi-pen and were able to self administer medication.

  • In another incident, a ceiling collapsed onto a couple while they were sleeping due to yellow jackets eating their way through the drywall. This resulted in the nest collapsing onto them with live Yellow jackets.

Yellow Jacket Wasp Removal

Some people react with a swollen, painful sting. But for others, it can be a life-threatening situation. If you find what appears to be a wasp nest around your home or business, Preferred Pest Control can help! Due to the dangers of attempting to remove these pests, it is important to call a professional. Schedule an appointment online today or by phone at 515-276-7277.

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