Des Moines Millipede Removal

Catch of the Week: Millipedes

November 13, 2015

Millipede season is here! As the weather cools down, millipedes are attempting to make their way into Des Moines homes and businesses! This week we took care of a home in Urbandale that was infested with millipedes. The good news is that millipedes do not damage homes or businesses or pose a health concern, however, they do leave Des Moines homeowners in sheer panic due to how many can make their way in.

The Life of a Millipede

Millipedes tend to infest your home or business in large numbers, however, they do die off within a few days after entering. These pesky critters live in damp areas such as cracks and crevices, under leaves or damp plant debris. Millipedes primary food source consists of decaying vegetable matter.

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How to Reduce Millipedes in Your Des Moines Home or Business

The main areas that you will find millipedes within your property are in basements or garages. The best way to keep these pests out is by decreasing the moisture on the outside of your home. This can be accomplished by making sure your gutters are working properly, the water is draining away from the foundation and the soil around your foundation slopes away from your home. Additionally, it is crucial to seal cracks around your home such as:

  • Faulty garage door seals

  • Any cracks or gaps around doors or windows

  • Gaps between sidewalks, your front porch, driveway and garage

To keep these pests out, we recommend applying a flexible sealant such as Vulkem into cracks or holes around your property.

Des Moines Millipede Removal

If you have treated the problem areas and you are still finding millipedes within your home or business, it is crucial to call a pest professional to take care of the problem. As the leading Des Moines pest control service, our technicians at Preferred Pest Control will take care of the problem effectively and efficiently. Schedule an appointment online or call us today at (515) 276-7277!