Des Moines Bat Removal

Catch of the Week: Local Bat Infestation

August 5, 2016

Bat season is here! And they are making their way throughout the Des Moines metro. This past week, Preferred Pest technicians got a call from a homeowner that had a bat in their living room. As we often tell our customers, do not try to remove these animals on your own, always let a pest professional take care of the problem in a safe and humane way. With August being the peak month for bat activity due to young bats just beginning to fly, it is important for homeowners to keep an eye out for these critters around their property!

Bat Behavior

The majority of bats are insectivores, meaning they feed on insects at night. Bats may take the chance to fly outside during the day. However, that is only when insects are flying about in the warm weather. Bats are known for coming out of hibernation in early spring in search of their summer home. Females will choose the nesting destination first since they will be preparing to give birth. It is during the summer months that baby bats are born and in August they begin to venture out on their own.

Signs You May Have a Bat Infestation

There are various ways that homeowners can detect a bat infestation. These signs may include:

  • Brown or black stains around windows or other openings.

  • Hearing screeching noises or loud activity, potentially from the attic or in the ceiling/walls.

  • Last, but not least, droppings. Bat droppings are one of the strongest indicators of a bat infestation. 

Des Moines Pest Control Company

Tis' the season for bats! Have you spotted them flying around your property? Or maybe even inside your house? If so, it is crucial to give your local pest control a call to take care of the potential bat problem safely and efficiently. For the most effective bat control, give us a call at (515) 415-5550 or schedule an appointment online!