Bat Removal Des Moines Iowa

Catch of the Week: Des Moines Bat

December 20, 2016

Tis' the season for holiday festivities, family time, and of course, bats! Recently, we were called to a Des Moines home where the owner was experiencing a bat problem. Upon arrival, we found out the family had recently bought their Christmas tree from a local warehouse store and the bat came along with the tree. This is a great reminder for homeowners during the holiday season to inspect their tree before taking it home.

Bat Appearance

Bats can range in various sizes. However, the average bat is approximately 5.5-19 cm in length with a wingspan of 15 to 38 cm. A bats body is covered in hair that fluctuates from tan to black.

Bat Infestation Signs

When it comes to a bat infestation, there are multiple signs that may indicate you have a problem on your hands. First and foremost, when bats enter or leave a home, they leave behind oils on the windowsill, ceiling, etc. from their fur which can produce a brown or black stain . Additionally, you may begin to notice bat droppings. And last but not least, bat noises; bats make sounds when active, so you may hear scratching or the fluttering of wings.

Bat Facts

  • Bats are nocturnal creatures
  • There are more than 1,200 species of bats in the world 
  • The three most common bats are the little brown bat, big brown bat and the Mexican free-tailed bat

Leading Des Moines Pest Control Service

When winter hits, pests such as bats can accidentally make their way into our homes. If you have a situation like this Des Moines homeowner or you begin to notice the signs of a bat infestation, it is important to call a pest professional immediately. For help eradicating bats, give us a call at (515) 415-5550 or schedule an appointment with us online.