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Vole Control

Voles (also known as field or meadow mice) are small rodents with short tails, short legs, and stocky bodies. Occupying a wide variety of habitats, voles prefer heavily grassed areas and grasslike plants.Though they generally choose "natural" habitats, they also occupy modified human habitats such as orchards, fields and our very own gardens and lawns.

How Do I Know if Voles Are in My Yard?

Voles are active day and night throughout the year. The easiest way to identify these pesky rodents is by their "pathways." Voles will establish direct and pronounced paths from one hole to the next throughout your lawn. The pathways will be about two inches in width, typically in the spring and fall seasons.

Can I Get Rid of Voles Myself?

Trapping voles is extremely time-consuming and can be very difficult. The quickest and most effective way to remove voles from your lawn or garden is through baiting.

Learn about our three-step baiting process!

Des Moines Vole Control

Don't let voles wreak havoc through your lawn or garden. Preferred Pest Control can help! As the leading Des Moines exterminator our technicians will remove these pesky lawn rodents before they have a chance to cause further damage. Set up an appointment online, or call us at (515) 276-7277 for further details!