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Meet Radar and Scout

Radar is the veteran member of the Preferred Pest bed bug detection service team. Radar has been trained by J&K Canine Academy, the leading experts in the nation for scent detection canine training. He is able to find the odor of live bed bugs and viable eggs with up to 95% accuracy, even in situations where pest management professionals are unable to visually see any bed bugs.

Radar has been certified by NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association). NESDCA is a nationally recognized organization that ensures the highest quality standards in canine scent detection. Radar can be utilized in a wide variety of environments including apartments, homes, hotels, motels, hospitals, funeral homes, schools, office, retail stores and vehicles.

Scout is the newest member of our Des Moines bed bug detection team. He is a two year old beagle who completed his bed bug training from the leading scent detection canine experts at Scentworxs in High Spring, Florida. Just like Radar, Scout has been NESDCA certified and is utilized to detect bed bugs in a variety of environments.

Why Canines Like Radar and Scout are Leaders in Des Moines Bed Bug Detection

  • Dogs have a superior sense of smell. Dogs' sense of smell is about a thousand times stronger than humans. We can sometimes detect a faint odor of rotten raspberries when bed bugs are present, but for dogs, the smell is overpowering.
  • Tracking instincts. For centuries, dogs have been bred to aid in hunting by tracking prey. This instinct is put to good use in many ways, such as helping to find missing persons-and helping to lead humans to bed bugs!
  • Specialized training. Bed bug dogs are taught to know exactly what scent they're supposed to be tracking. They get rewarded for a job well done-which in this case is finding bed bugs.
  • Agility. Because of their relatively small size, dogs can go places human inspectors can't.
  • Aid of professional handlers. Bed bug dogs are assisted in their work by handlers who keep them focused on the mission and know how to guide them to get the best results.

Des Moines' Leading Bed Bug Services

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